Total Topics to Date: 982

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  10 U.S.C. 2273 – Policy Regarding Assured Assess to Space
  2366a/b Certification Memorandum
  About Us
ACAT Acquisition Category
ADM Acquisition Decision Memorandum
  Acquisition Executives
  Acquisition Information Assurance Strategy
  Acquisition Logistics Overview
  Acquisition Plan
APB Acquisition Program Baseline
  Acquisition Strategy
  Acquisition Logistics Support Guidance
  Activity Definition
  Activity Duration Estimating
  Activity Sequencing
  Actual Cost Estimating
  Actual Cost of Work Performed
  Ada Programming Language
AP Advance Payments
  Advanced Procurement / Funding
ATD Advance Technology Demonstration
  Advanced Technology Development
  Affordability Analysis
  Air Force Software Policy
AFSPC Air Force Space Command
  Aircraft Procurement Appropriations
  Airworthiness Certification
  Allocated Cost
AMS Alternative Materiel Solution
ASR Alternative Systems Review
  Ammunition Procurement
  Analogy Cost Estimating
AT Anti-Tamper
AoA Analysis of Alternatives
  Analysis of Alternative Study Guidance
  ANSI/EIA 748 – EVMS Standard
  Applied/Basic Research
  Appropriation Categories
  Architecting Overview
  Architecture Design Process
  Audit Plan
  Autocratic Leadership
AIS Automated Information System
  AV-1 Overview and Summary Information
  AV-2 Integrated Dictionary
  Average Procurement Unit Cost (APUC)
  Award Fee Contract
 BRR Bandwidth Requirements Review
BOA Basic Ordering Agreement
BOIP Basis of Issue Plan
  Benefit Analysis and Determination
  Berry Amendment
  Berton Manning
  Better Buying Power Initiative
  Better Buying Power 2.0
  Beyond LRIP Report to Congress
BOS Blanket Order System
BPA Blanket Purchase Agreement
BPO Blanket Purchase Order
  Bona Fide Need Rule
BAA Broad Agency Announcement
BAC Budget at Completion
BA Budget Activity
BA Budget Authority
  Budget Execution
  Budget Exhibits
  Budget Process Overview
BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
  Budgeting Cycle
  Business & Marketing Overview
 BCAC Business Capabilities Acquisition Cycle
BCA Business Case Analysis
  Business Clearance
 BEA Business Enterprise Architecture
 BPR Business Process Reengineering
  Buy American Act
CBA Capabilities Based Assessment
CDD Capability Development Document
  Capability Development Tracking and Manager
  CDD Waiver Request
CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration
CPD Capability Production Document
CV Capability Viewpoint
CTA Capstone Threat Assessment
 CPA Chairman’s Program Assessment (CPA)
 CPR Chairman’s Program Recommendation (CPR)
  CJCSM 3170.01C
  Classifying Products
  Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996
  Cloud Computing
  Color of Money
COTS Commercial off the Shelf
  Common Accounting Definitions
  Common Software Failure Causes
  Communicating Audits with Management
COMSEC Communication Security
  Competency Requirements
 CICA Competition in Contracting Act
  Competitive Forces
CRD  Competitive Range Determination
  Compliance with Information Enterprise
CCE Component Cost Estimate
CCP Component Cost Position
 CCaR Comprehensive Cost and Requirement System
  Computer Aided Design Manufacturing
compusec Computer Security
CONOPS Concept of Operations
CBM+ Condition Based Maintenance Plus
  Conducting Non-Audit Services
  Configuration Baseline
  Configuration Management Information System
CMP Configuration Management Plan
CM Configuration Management
  Congress Authorization Committees
  Continuous Improvement Process
  Contract Closeout
CDRL Contract Data Requirement List
  Contract Essential Elements
  Contract Finance Payments
CFSR Contract Funds Status Report
  Contract Types
  Contracting Audit Services
COR Contracting Officer Representative
  Contracting Officer
  Contractor Cost Data Report
  Contractor EVMS Validation Plan
  Contractor Logistics Support
  Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting
CPR Contractor Performance Report
  Contractor Risk Activities
  Contractor & Subcontractor Resources
  Contracts & Legal Overview
  Control Account
  Control Charts
  Controlling Process
CRADA Cooperative Research & Development Agreement
  Coordinating Audit Activities
  Core Capability Planning and Analysis
CAR Corrective Action Request
CMT Corrective Maintenance Time
  Corrosion Prevention & Control
CARD Cost Analysis Requirements Description
  Cost Analysis Review
  Cost and Software Data Reporting
CAIV Cost As an Independent Variable
CAPE Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation
 CCA Cost Capability Alaysis
  Cost Estimates for Milestone A Reviews
  Cost Estimating Methods
CV Cost Variances
  Cost-Reimbursement Contracts
  Counterintelligence Support Plan
CI Counterintelligence
  Critical Chain Method
CDR Critical Design Review
COI Critical Operational Issue
CPLI Critical Path Length Index
  Critical Path
CPI Critical Program Information
CTP Critical Technical Parameter
CTE Critical Technology Elements
  Cross-Functional Team
  Customer Satisfaction
  CV-1 Vision
  CV-2 Capability Taxonomy
  CV-3 Capability Phasing
  CV-4 Capability Dependencies
  CV-5 Capability to Org Development Mapping
  CV-6 Capability to Operational Activities Map
  CV-7 Capability to Service Mapping
Cybersecurity Strategy
  CyberSecurity Strategy
DMEA Damage Mode & Effects Analysis
DAL  Data Accession List
DV Data and Information Viewpoint
  Data Call
DID Data Item Description
  Data Management Strategy
  Data Management System
  Data Normalization
  Data Rights
  Data Rights Requirements Analysis
  DCMA EVMS Compliance Review
  DD Form 254
  Debarments, Suspensions & Referrals
  Decision Making
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
DAES Defense Acquisition Executive Summary Report
DAMIR Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval System
DAPS Defense Acquisition Program Support Methodology
DAU Defense Acquisition University
  Defense Acquisition Workforce
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Project Agency
DBB Defense Business Board
DBS Defense Business System
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCMA – Defense Contract Management Agency 
DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Sup
DFAS Defense Finance Accounting Service
DGRS  Defense Grant and Regulatory System
DICA Defense Industrial Capabilities Assessment
DISA – Defense Information System Agency
DPG Defense Planning Guidance
DSB Defense Science Board
DSP Defense Standardization Program
  Defense Working Capital Fund
  Deficiencies in Validated EVMS
  Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter
  Delphi Technique
  Democratic Leadership Style
  Demonstration & Validation
  DoD VV&A Documentation Tool
  Department of Defense Test Organization
Depot Depot-Level (D-Level) Maintenance
  Depot Maintenance Analysis
  Derived Requirements
  Deriving Electronic Requirements
  Design Synthesis
 D&F Determination and Findings
  Determine Data Reliability
  Development RFP Release Decision
DT&E Development Test and Evaluation
DMSMS Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortage
  Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
  Discrepancy Reporting
  Disposal Cost
  Disposal and Demiltarization Phase
DPD Distributed Product Description
  DIV-1 Conceptual Data Model
  DV-2 Logical Data Model
  DV-3 Physical Data Model
  DoD Architecture Registry System
  DoD Business Website Links
  DoD Component Cost Estimate
  DoD Directive 5000.1
  DoD Earned Value Management Guide
  DoD Enterprise Architecture
  DoD Enterprise Software Initiative
  DoD EVMS Roles and Responsibility
  DoD Information Enterprise Architecture
  DoD Information Enterprise
  DoD Information Sharing Strategy
  DoD Information Technology Portfolio Repository
  DoD Information Technology Standards and Profile Registry
  DoD Instruction 5000.02
  DoD Instruction 7000.14R
  DoD Manual 7600.07-M Audit Manual
  DoD Metadata Registry
  DoD Modeling & Simulation Catalog
M&SCO DoD Modeling & Simulation Coordination Office
  DoD Public Key Infrastructure
  DoD Research & Engineering Enterprise
  DoD Source Selection Procedures
  DoD Space Acquisition System
  DoD Wide Area Workflow
DM2 DoDAF Meta Model
  DOTMLPF Analysis
  DOTMLPF Change Recommendation
EOA Early Operational Assessment
  Earn Value Management Software
  Earn Value Management Surveillance
EA Economic Analysis
  Economy Act
  Effective Meeting
  Electromagnetic Environment Effects Testing
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDA Electronic Document Access
  Electronic Subcontracting Reporting
EW Electronic Warfare
EMD Engineering Manufacturing & Development Phase
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
  Engineering Cost Estimating
  Engineering Development Model
EA Environmental Assessment
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
ESS Environmental Stress Screening
  Enterprise Integration Toolkit
ERM Enterprise Risk Management
  Environmental Safety and Health Planning
  Establishing Software Requirements
EAC Estimate at Completion
  Estimating Reuse Feasibility
  Evaluation of Operational Effectiveness & Suitability
  Evaluation of Survivable
 EASE Evolutionary Acquisition for Space Efficiency
EAC Estimate at Completion
  Estimating of Survivability
EVMCR EVM Central Repository
  EVMS Advanced Agreement & Letter of Acceptance
  EVMS Business Case Analysis Elements
  EVMS Compliance and Validation
  EVMS Documentation
  EVMS Equations
  EVMS Implementation Options
  EVMS Integration
  EVMS Overview
  EVMS Requirements
  EVMS Solicitation Requirements
  Evaluation Criteria
EA Evolutionary Acquisitions
  Execution Phase
  Exit / Entrance Criteria
FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
  FAR Part 19 – Small Business
  Feasibility Assessment
FAR Federal Acquisitions Regulations
  Federal Acquisitions Regulations Index
FPDS Federal Procurement Data System
  Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program
FPB Final Production Baseline
  Financial Management Overview
FFP Firm-Fixed Price Contract
 FPIF – Fixed Price Incentive Firm Target
FPIS  Fixed Price Incentive (Successive Targets)
  Flexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  Flexible Sustainment
FRR Flight Readiness Review
  FM Questions to Know
  Following-Up Audit Reports
FOT&E Follow-on Test and Evaluation
  Force Protection Key Performance Parameter
  Force Field Analysis
FRPA Forward Rate Pricing Agreement
FRPP  Forward Rate Pricing Proposal
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
  Free-Rein Leadership Style
Frequency Allocation Application
  Full Funding
FAA Functional Analysis and Allocation
FAA Functional Area Analysis
FCB Functional Capabilities Board
FCA Functional Configuration Audit
FNA Functional Needs Analysis
FSA Functional Solutions Analysis
  Fund Cite Structure Breakdown
FOC Full Operational Capability
FRPDR Full Rate Production Decision Review
  Funded Delivery Period
FLE Future Logistics Enterprise
FYDP Future Year Defense Program
  Gantt Chart
GSA General Services Administration
  Geospatial Analysis
 GIO Geosynchronous Inclined Orbit
GEO Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit
GIG Global Information Grid
  Good Requirement Practices
GAO Government Accountability Office
  GAO Cost Estimating Process
  Step 1:Define Cost Estimate’s Purpose and Scope
  Step 2: Develop Cost Estimating Plan
  Step 3: Define Program Characteristics
  Step 4: Determine Estimates Structure
  Step 5: Identify Ground Rules and Assumptions
  Step 6: Obtain Data
  Step 7: Conduct Point Estimate and Compare to Independent Cost Estimate (ICE)
  Step 8: Conduct Sensitivity Analysis
  Step 9: Conduct Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
  Step 10: Document the Estimate
  Step 11: Present Estimate for Approval
  Step 12: Update the Estimate
  Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book)
GFE Government Furnished Equipment / Information
  Government Furnished Software
  Government-Industry Data Exchange Program
  Government Purchase Card Program
  Government EVMS Validation Review
  Green Procurement
GDF Guidance for Deployment of Force
GEF Guidance for Employment of Force
  Guide to Marketing to the DoD
HTS Hazard Tracking System
HLA High Level Architecture
HASS Highly Accelerated Stress Screens
  Horizontal Analysis and Protection
  HUBZOne Small Business
HITL Human-in-the-Loop Modeling & Simulation
HFE Human Factors Engineering
HSI Human Systems Integration
  Impounded Resolution
  Incentive Contracts
  Incremental Funding Policy
  Indefinite Delivery Contract
ICE Independent Cost Estimate
ILA Independent Logistics Assessment
IRAD Independent Research & Development
  Industrial Capabilities and Assessment
  Industry Day
  Information Assurance in the Acquisition Strategy
  Information Assurance in the Request for Proposal
IA Information Assurance
IO Information Operations
IRM Information Resource Management
  Information Security
  Information Sharing Strategy
  Information Superiority
  Information Support Plan Analysis
ISP Information Support Plan
  Information Technology Acquisition Board
  Information Technology Maintenance
  Information Technology Overview
IBR Initial Baseline Review
ICD Initial Capabilities Document
  Initial Capabilities Document Waiver Request
IOT&E Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
ITR Initial Technical Review
Initial Threat Environment Assessment
  In-Service Review
ILS Integrated Logistics Support
  Integrated Management Planning
IMP Integrated Master Plan
IMS Integrated Master Schedule
IPPD Integrated Product and Process Development
IPT Integrated Product Team
 IPMR Integrated Program Management Report
  Integrated Testing
IP Intellectual Property
  Intelligence & Security Overview
  Interagency Acquisitions
  Interface Management
  Interim Contractor Logistics Support
  Inventory Classification
  Investment Cost
  ISO 9000 Quality Management Series
  ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards
  Issue Log
IUII Item Unique Item Identification
Item Unique Item Identification Plan
  J8 Force Directorate
  JCIDS Gatekeeper
  JCIDS Manual of Operations
  JCIDS Process Overview
  JCIDS Process Overview Flow Chart
  JCIDS Responsibilities
  JCIDS Studies Repository
JCB Joint Capabilities Board
JCD Joint Capabilities Document
JCTD Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration
  Joint Capability Area Attributes
  Joint Interoperability Test Certification
JOpsC Joint Operations Concept
  Joint Publication 3-14 Space Operations
JPG Joint Programming Guidance
JRAC Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell
JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council
  Joint Requirements Prioritization
  Joint Services Specification Guides
  Joint Services Weapon Safety Review Process
  Joint Staff Responsibilities
  Joint Test and Evaluation
  Joint Urgent Operational Need
JITI Just-in-Time Inventory
  Justification and Approval
KIP Key Interface Profile
KPP Key Performance Parameter
KSA Key System Attribute
  Latest Revised Estimate
  Lean Manufacturing
  Lessons Learned
LORA Level of Repair Analysis
LCCE Life-Cycle Cost Estimate
 LMDP Life-Cycle Mission Data Plan (LMDP)
LSSP Life-Cycle Signature Support Plan
  Life-Cycle Sustainment
LCSP Life-Cycle Sustainment Plan
  Limited Liability Company
  Limited Rights
LOA Line of Accounting
LOB Line of Balance
  Linux Operating System
LFT&E Live Fire Test and Evaluation
  Live Fire Test and Evaluation Report
  Live Fire Test and Evaluation Waiver
  Logistics Contract Characteristics
LD Logistics Demonstration
  Logistics Documentation
  Logistics Law and Regulations
LEO Low Earth Orbit
LRIP Low-Rate Initial Production
 LPTA Lowest Price Technically Acceptable
  Maintainability Demonstration
  Maintenance & Sustainment Strategy
  Maintenance Plan
  Maintenance Task Analysis
MAIS Major Automated Information System
MDAP Major Defense Acquisition Program
MFP Major Force Program
  Major Reviews Overview
MR Management Reserve
  Managing Software Related Risks
  Manpower Estimate
MRL Manufacturing Readiness Level
  Manufacturing Readiness
  Manufacturing System Functions
  Market Research
  Materiel Availability
MDD Materiel Development Decision
  Materiel Fielding Plan
MSA Materiel Solutions Analysis Phase
  Maximum Practicable Opportunity Analysis Model
  Mean Downtime
MOE Measures of Effectiveness
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
  Mentor-Protégé Program
  Microsoft Project
  Milestone A
  Milestone B
  Milestone C
  Milestone Chart
MDA Milestone Decision Authority
  Milestone Overview
  Milestone Requirements Matrix
MIPR Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
  MIL-STD-882E System Safety
MUA Military Utility Assessment
  Misappropriation Act
  Mission Assurance Category
MRB Mission Requirements Board
  Model Contract
  Model Types
  Modeling & Simulation Body of Knowledge
  Modeling & Simulation Contracting
  Modeling & Simulation Development Diagram
  Modeling & Simulation Information Management
  Modeling & Simulation Overview
  Modeling & Simulation Planning
  Modeling & Simulation Support
  Modeling & Simulation Systems Engineering Approach
  Modeling Terminology
  Modular Open Systems Approach
  Monitoring Audit Contract Performance
  Multi-Service Test and Evaluation
  Multi-Year Procurement
  National Defense Budget (Green Book)
NDA National Defense Strategy
  National Industry Security Program Operation Manual
NMS National Military Strategy
NSSI National Security Space Institute
  National Security Space Strategy
NSS National Security Strategy
  National Space Policy of the United States
  Net-Centric Data & Services Strategy
  Net-Centric Operations
  NetOps Strategic Vision
  Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter Checklist
  Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter
  Network Diagram
NDI Non-Developmental Item
  Non-Developmental Software
NMS Non-Materiel Solution
  Nonprofit Organization
  NSS 03-01
  Nuclear Hardness and Survivability Testing
  Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Test & Evaluation
  Nunn-McCurdy Act
  Obsolesce Management
  Office of Small Business
  On Off Year Funding
  Open Source Software
  Open-Standard System Architecture
  Open System
  Operating and Support Cost
  Operational & Maintenance Appropriations
  Operations Security
OA Operational Assessment
  Operational Requirements
ORD Operational Requirements Document
OT&E Operational Test and Evaluation
OTRR Operational Test Readiness Review
OV Operational Viewpoint
ORS Operationally Responsive Space
  Operations and Support Phase
  Organizational Conflict of Interest
  Organizational Structure
  OSD Execution Benchmarks
  OSD Office of Cost Assessment
  Other than Full and Open Competition
OTA Other Transaction Authority
  OV-1 High Level Operational Concept Graphic
  OV-2 Operational Resource Flow Description
  OV-3 Operational Resource Flow Matrix
  OV-4 Organizational Relationship Chart
  OV-5a Operational Activity Decomposition Tree
  OV-5b Operational Activity Model
  OV-6a Operational Rules Model
  OV-6b State Transition Description
  OV-6c Event-Trace Description
  Overview – Software Management
  Parametric Cost Estimate
  Pairwise Comparison
PARCA Performance Assessment and Root Cause Analysis
  Performance Auditing Services
PBA Performance Based Acquisitions
  Performance Based Logistics
PMB Performance Measurement Baseline
  Performance-Based Agreement
  Performance-Based Life-Cycle Product Support Implementation
PWS Performance Work Statement
  PERT Analysis
  Phase 1: Planning for Procurement
  Phase 2: Solicitation
  Phase 3: Evaluation
  Phase 4: Contract Award
PA Physical Architecture
PCA Physical Configuration Audit
PO Polar Orbit
PDR Post-Deployment Review
  Post Independent Analysis
  Post-Implementation Review
  PPBE Issues
  PPBE Map
  PPBE Overview
 PNM Price-Negotiation Memorandum
PQM Production, Quality Manufacturing Overview
  Pre-Award Survey
  Pre-EMD Review
  Precedence Diagram Method (PDM)
PDR Preliminary Design Review
  Privacy Act of 1974
  Problem Solving
  Process Inputs Outputs Loops
PCO Procurement Contracting Officer
  Procurement Overview
  Product Support Manager
  Product Support
  Product Support Process Model 12 Steps
PPS Product Support Strategy
  Production Acceptance Test and Evaluation
PD Production and Deployment Phase
PQT Production Qualification Test
PRR Production Readiness Review
  Production Representative Articles
PSC Professional Services Council
PCP Program & Budget Change Proposal
PBAS Program Budget Accounting System
PBD Program Budget Decision
PCO Program Contracting Officer
PDM Program Decision Memorandum
PDR Program Deviation Report
PE Program Element
PEO Program Executive Officer
PMO Program Management Office
PMA  Program Management Administration – Funding
  Program Management Overview
PMR Program Management Review
  Program Manager Risk Roles
PM Program Manager
POM Program Objective Memorandum
POE Program Office Estimate
PPP Program Protection Plan
  Program Security Instructions
PSR Program Support Review
PESHE Programmatic, Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Evaluation
  Programming Language Selection
  Project Charter
  Project Viewpoints
  Proposal Adequacy Checklist
  Proposal Compliance Matrix
  Proposal Content
  Proposal Development Overview
  Proposal Development Process
  Prospective Contractor Responsibilities
PPP Public-Private Partnership
PO Purchase Order
  Purchasing & Small Business Overview
  PV-1 Project Portfolio Relationship
  PV-2 Project Timelines
  PV-3 Project to Capability Mapping
QDR Quadrennial Defense Review
  Qualification Testing
QA Quality Assurance
  Quality in Support Management
QMP Quality Management Plan (QMP)
QRP  Quick Reaction Procurement
  Realistic Program Baseline for Software
RA Reference Architecture
RCM Reliability Centered Maintenance
  Reliability Growth Testing
RIAC Reliability Information Analysis Center
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotation
  Request for Technical Proposal
  Requesting Access to Records
  Requirement Types
  Requirements Allocation
  Requirements Analysis
  Requirements Checklist
  Requirements Development Overview
  Requirements Development Steps
  Requirements Document Sequence
  Requirements Evaluation
  Requirements Management
  Requirements Traceability
  Requirements Training & Certification
  Research and Development Appropriations
  Research and Development Cost
  Research and Development Funding
  Research/Technology Funding Opportunities
  RDT&E Programs Budget Exhibit
RAM Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  Resource Leveling
RMD Resource Management Decision
  RFP Section A Contract Form
  RFP Section B  Supplies, Services and Price Costs
  RFP Section C Description Specifications SOW
  RFP Section D Packaging and Marketing
  RFP Section E Inspection and Acceptance
  RFP Section F Deliveries of Performance
  RFP Section G Contract Admin Data
  RFP Section H Contract Requirements
  RFP Section I Contract Clauses
  RFP Section J List of Attachments
  RFP Section K Representations & Certification
  RFP Section L Instructions
  RFP Section M Evaluation
  Risk Analysis
  Risk Checklist
  Risk Confidence & Probability
  Risk Definition
  Risk Handling
  Risk Identification
  Risk Identification Procedures
  Risk Integrated Product Team
  Risk Management
  Risk Management Board (RMB)
  Risk Management Objectives
  Risk Management Overview
RMP Risk Management Plan
  Risk Management Process Model
  Risk Mitigation
  – Risk Mitigation Plan
  Risk Prioritization
  Risk Register
  Risk Reporting Matrix
  Risk Tracking
  Risk Training
  Safety Engineering
SIA Satellite Industry Association
  Science and Engineering Overview
  Schedule Compression
  Schedule Control
  Schedule Development
  Schedule Network Analysis
  Schedule Preparation
  Schedule Risk
  Schedule Variance
  Scheduling Guide for Program Managers
SCG Security Classification Guide
SAR Selected Acquisition Report
SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information
  Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
SvcV Services Viewpoint Overview
  Should Cost Management
 SAP Simplified Acquisition Procedures
SBA Simulation Based Acquisitions
SBES Simulation Based Engineering Science
  Simulation Modeling
  Simulation Test and Evaluation Process
  Simulator Types
SSBI Single Scope Background Investigation
  Small Business Administration
  Small Business Innovation Research Program
  Small Business Set-Aside
  Small Business Technology Transfer Program
  Small Disadvantage Business
  Social Engineering
  Software Activity Map
  Software Anti-Tamper
  Software Assurance
  Software Commercial off-the-Shelf
  Software Contract Considerations
  Software Critical Design Review
  Software Development Approaches
SDP Software Development Plan
  Software Development Process
  Software Estimation Process Considerations
  Software Functional Configuration Audit
  Software Hardware Changes Process
  Software Management Overview
  Software Metrics
  Software Planning in the Systems Engineering Plan
  Software Proposal Evaluation Criteria
  Software Resources Data Report
  Software Request for Proposal Content
  Software Risk Estimation
  Software Size Control
  Software Size Estimate
  Software Source Selection Considerations
  Software Specification Review
  Software System Best Practices
  Software Test and Evaluation
  Sole Proprietorship
  Sole Source – Justification and Approval
SSP Source Selection Plan
  – Source Selection Procedures
  Sources of DoD Budget Information
  Sources of Lessons Learned
  Sources Sought
SIO Space & Intelligence Office
  Space System Testing
SSAP Space Systems Acquisition Policy
SAP Special Access Program
  Spectrum Management
SSD Spectrum Supportability Determination
  Standard Software Related Risk
  Standards and Requirements
SV Standard View
SOO Statement of Objectives
SOW Statement of Work
  Statement of Work Checklist
  StdV-1 Standard Profile
  StdV-2 Standard Forecast
  Step 1: Gather & Develop Requirements
  Step 2: Write and Document Requirements
  Step 3: Check for Completeness
  Step 4: Analyze, Refine & Decompose Requirements
  Step 5: Verify and Validate Requirements
  Step 6: Manage Requirements
SPG Strategic Planning Guidance
SLPP Summary Level Planning Package
  Supply Alliance
  Supply and Demand
  Supply Chain Management
  Supply Management Overview
  Support Concept
  Supportability Analysis
  Survivability Key Performance Parameter
  Sustaining Engineering
  Sustainment Key Performance Parameter
  Sustainment Metrics
  SV-1 Systems Interface Description
  SV-2 System Resource Flow Description
  SV-3 System-System Matrix
  SV-4 Systems Functionality Description
  SV-5a Operational Activity to Systems Function Traceability Matrix
  SV-5b Operational Activity to System Traceability Matrix
  SV-6 System Resource Flow Matrix
  SV-7 Systems Measures Matrix
  SV-8 Systems Evolution Description
  SV-9 Systems Technology and Skills Forecast
  SV-10a System Rules Model
  SV-10b System State Transition Description
  SV-10c Systems Event-Trace Description
  SvcV-1 Services Interface Description
  SvcV-2 Services Resource Flow Description
  SrcV-3a System-Service Matrix
  SvcV3b Services-Services Matrix
  SvcV-4 Services Functionality Description
  SvcV-5 Operational Activity to Service Traceability Matrix
  SvcV-6 Service Resource Flow Matrix
  SvcV-7 Service Measurement Matrix
  SvcV-8 Services Evolution Description
  SvcV-9 Services Technology and Skills Forecast
  SvcV-10a Service Rules Model
  SvcV-10b Service State Transition Description
  SWOT Analysis
  System Analysis and Control
SDR System Design Review
SAM System for Award Management
SFR System Functional Review
  Systems of System (SoS) Engineering
SRD System Requirements Document
SRR System Requirements Review
  System Safety
  System Safety Precedence
  System Safety Process
  Element 1: Document the System Safety Process
  Element 2: Idenify and Document Hazards
  Element 3: Assess and Document Risk
  Element 4: Document Risk Mitigation Measures
  Element 5: Reduce Risk
  Element 6: Verify, Validate and Document Risk
  Element 7: Accept Risk and Document
  Element 8: Manage Life-Cycle Risk
  System Safety Engineering
  System Security Authorization Agreement
  System Security Engineer
  System Security Engineering
STAR System Threat Assessment Report
  System Threat Assessment
SVR System Verification Review
SV System Viewpoint
  System Contracting
  Systems Engineering Activity Map
SEMP Systems Engineering Management Plan
  Systems Engineering Measures of Effectiveness
  Systems Engineering Overview
SEP Systems Engineering Plan
  Systems Engineering Process Overview
  Systems Engineering Standards
SETR Systems Engineering Technical Review Process
  Systems Engineering Technical Reviews
  Test and Evaluation at Milestone B
  Test and Evaluation Policy and Guidance
  Test and Evaluation Program Office Responsibilities
  T&E Working Level Integrated Product Team
  Team Development Stages
  Technical Baseline
  Technical Performance Measurement
TRD Technical Requirements Document
  Technology Assessment Control Plan
  Technology Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)
  Technology Development Overview
  Technology Development Phase
TDS Technology Development Strategy
TRA Technology Readiness Assessment
TRL Technology Readiness Levels
TRR Technology Release Roadmap
  Technology Roadmap
  Technology Transition Initiative
  Test and Evaluation Funding
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan
  Test and Evaluation Overview
  Test and Evaluation Report
TES Test and Evaluation Strategy
  Test Data Management
TRR Test Readiness Review
  Test Resource Management Center
  Testing for Anti-Tamper
  Threat Assessment Center Report
  Time and Materiel Contract
  Time Management
TCPI To Complete Performance Index
TAB Total Allocated Budget
TLCSM Total Life-Cycle System Management
TOA Total Obligation Authority
  Total Ownership Cost
  Total Quality Management
  Trade Studies
  Types of Funds
  Types of Security Clearances
  Typical Risk Sources
 UCA Undefinitized Contract Actions
UCC Uniform Commercial Code
  Uniqueness of Space Segment
 UPO Unpriced Purchase Order
  Unsolicited Proposal
  US Code Title 10 – Armed Forces
  USAF Weapons System Software Management Guide
UCR Unit Cost Report
 VOLT Validated Online Lifecycle Threat
  Value Engineering
VECP Value Engineering Change Proposal
V&V Verification and Validation
  Verification Process
VV&A Verification, Validation, and Accreditation
  Wage Determination Online Program
  Weapons Procurement Appropriations
  Website Statistics
WAWF Wide Area Workflow
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
  Work Packages
WSS Weapons System Specification
  What-if Scenarios Analysis
  Women Owned Small Business
WARN Worker Adjustment and Retaining Notification Act
  Working Group
  Acquisition Category Overview
  Acquisition Process Overview
  JCIDS Process Overview
  PPBE Process Overview