Acquisition Index
Acquisition Process “Management” JCIDS Process “Requirements”     PPBE Process “Funding”
OVERVIEW: Acquisition Process OVERVIEW: JCIDS Process OVERVIEW: PPBE Process
2366a Written Determination Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) Appropriation Categories
2366b Written Determination Capability Development Document (CDD) Budget Authority (BA)
Acquisition Category (ACAT) Chairman’s Program Assessment (CPA) Budget Estimate Submission (BES)
Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) Chairman’s Program Recommendation (CPR) Budget Exhibits
Acquisition Executives CJCSI 5123.01 “JCIDS Process” Budgeting Phases
Acquisition Phases Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Color of Money
Acquisition Plan DOTMLPF Change Recommendation Congress Authorization Committees
Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) DOTMLPF-P Analysis Defense Acquisition Workforce
Acquisition Strategy Force Protection Key Performance Parameter Defense Planning Guidance (DPG)
Alternative Materiel Solution Functional Area Analysis (FAA) Enactment
Alternative System Review (ASR) Functional Needs Analysis (FNA) Execution Phase
Analysis of Alternative Study Guidance Functional Solutions Analysis (FSA) Future Year Defense Program (FYDP)
Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) ICD & CDD Waiver Request Guidance of the Development Employment of Force
Business Capability Acquisition Cycle Information Support Plan (ISP) Impoundment Resolution
Critical Design Review (CDR) Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) Inflation
Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) Interoperability Joint Programming Guidance (JPG)
Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) Report JCIDS Gatekeeper Major Budget Issues
Development RFP Release Decision JCIDS Manual of Operations Major Force Program (MFP)
Disposal & Demilitarization Phase JCIDS Process Flow Chart National Defense Budget (Green Book)
DoD Directive 5000.01 JCIDS Responsibilities National Defense Strategy (NDS)
DoD Instruction 5000.02 JCIDS Study Repository National Military Strategy (MMS)
DoD Space Acquisition System Joint Capabilities Board (JCB) National Security Strategy (NSS)
Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) Phase Joint Capabilities Document  (JCD) On / Off Year
Evolutionary Acquisitions Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD) Outlay
Exit & Entrance Criteria Joint Operations Concept (JOpsC) Planning Phase
Flight Readiness Review (FRR) Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) PPBE Issues
Full Operational Capability (FOC) Joint Requirements Prioritization PPBE Map
Full-Rate Production Decision Review (FRPDR) Joint Urgent Operational Needs (JUON) Program & Budget Change Proposal
In-Service Review Key Interface Profile (KIP) Program Budget Accounting System (PBAS)
Initial Operational Capability (IOC) Key Performance Parameter (KPP) Program Budget Decision (PBD)
Initial Operational Test & Evaluation (IOT&E) Key System Attribute (KSA) Program Decision Memorandum (PDM)
Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Military Utility Assessment (MUA) Program Element (PE)
Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell (JRAC) Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP) Program Executive Officer (PEO)
Live-Fire Test & Evaluation (LFT&E) Non-Materiel Solution Program Management Office (PMO)
Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) Post Independent Analysis Program Objective Memorandum (POM)
Major Automated Information System (MAIS) Post-Implementation Review (PIR) Programming Phase
Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) Requirements Document Sequence Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR)
Major Program Reviews Requirements Training & Certification RDT&E Program Budget Exhibit
Market Research Survivability Key Performance Parameter Resource Management Decision (RMD)
Materiel Development Decision (MDD) Sustainment Key Performance Parameter Strategic Planning Guidance
Materiel Solutions Analysis (MSA) Phase System Functional Review (SFR) Test & Evaluation Funding
Milestone A System Requirements Review (SRR) Types of Funds
Milestone B System Threat Assessment (STA) Unit Cost Report (UCR)
Milestone C Systems Engineering Plan (SEP)
Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) CJCSI 3170.01 “JCIDS Process”
Milestone Overview
NSS 03-01
Operational Test Readiness Review
Operations and Support Phase
Other Transaction Authority (OTA)
Performance-Based Acquisitions
Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
Production & Deployment (PD) Phase
Production Readiness Review (PRR)
Rapid Acquisitions
Section 804 Middle Tier Acquisitions
Selected Acquisition Report
Simplified Acquisition Procedures
Simplified Acquisition Management Plan (SAMP)
System Functional Review (SFR)
System Verification Review (SVR)
Technology Development Strategy (TDS)
Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction (TMRR) Phase
Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA)
Test Readiness Review (TRR)