The Sustainment Key Performance Parameter (KPP) is mandatory for all systems and is designed to enhance a system life-cycle management. The attributes for the Sustainment KPP are identified in the Capability Development Document (CDD) and Capability Production Document (CPD) and apply to all pre-Milestone C programs.

JCIDS Manual of Operations – Enclosure B, Appendix E1

Sustainment consists of three (3) key factors: Availability, Reliability, and Ownership Cost. The Sustainment KPP (Availability) and two mandatory supporting Key System Attributes (KSA) (Reliability and Total Ownership Cost) will be developed for all Acquisition Catelgory (ACAT) I programs. For ACAT II and below programs, the sponsor will determine the applicability of the KPP. During the Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA), the relevant sustainment criteria and alternatives will be evaluated to provide the analytical foundation for the establishment of the sustainment KPP and KSAs. [1]

Mandatory Key Performance Parameters (KPP):

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Updated: 7/12/2017


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