Note: The Technology Development Strategy (TDS) is no longer required for DoD Programs according to DoD Instruction 5000.02. A programs technology development approach is now detailed in a programs Acquisition Strategy.

The Technology Development Strategy (TDS) describes the acquisition approach that will be undertaken to mature key technologies and maturation efforts to Initial Operational Capability (IOC).  This approach discusses business strategies, developmental strategies, support strategies and Critical Program Information (CPI) to manage program risks and meet program objectives while balancing cost, schedule and performance.

Template: Technology Development Strategy (TDS)

The TDS guides the efforts of the TD Phase and serve as a baseline for efforts that continually evolve throughout a program. The TDS allows the program manager to track program goals against a baseline.  This tracking will alert the program manager to any potential problems that might arise and to perform corrective actions to keep a program within its cost, schedule and performance goals.

The content of the TDS should include:


  • Remember the TDS is not a Technology Development Plan; it’s an overall program technology strategy to address technology maturation in terms of cost, schedule and performance. The TDS should contain a preliminary description of how the potential acquisition program will be divided into increments based on mature technologies.

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Updated: 6/25/2018

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