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StdV-1 Standards Profile

The Standards Viewpoint (StdV) StdV-1 defines the technical, operational, and business standards, guidance, and policy applicable to the architecture being described. It also documents the policies and standards that apply to the operational or business context.

The intended usage of the StdV-1 includes:

  • Application of standards (informing project strategy).
  • Standards compliance.

Guide: DoDAF Architecture Framework Version 2.02 – Page 197

In most cases, building a Standards Profile consists of identifying and listing the applicable portions of existing and emerging documentation. A StdV-1 should identify both existing guidelines, as well as any areas lacking guidance. As with other models, each profile is assigned a specific timescale (e.g., “As-Is”, “To-Be”, or transitional). Linking the profile to a defined timescale enables the profile to consider both emerging technologies and any current technical standards that are expected to be updated or become obsolete. If more than one emerging standard time-period is applicable to an architecture, then a StdV-2 “Standards Forecast” should be completed as well as a StdV-1.

The StdV-1 collates the various systems and services, standards, and rules that implement and constrain the choices that can be or were made in the design and implementation of an Architectural Description. It delineates the systems, services, Standards, and rules that apply. The technical standards govern what hardware and software may be implemented and on what system. The standards that are cited may be international such as ISO standards, national standards, or organizational specific standards. With associated standards with other elements of the architecture, a distinction is made between applicability and conformance. If a standard is applicable to a given architecture, that architecture need not be fully conformant with the standard. The degree of conformance to a given standard may be judged based on a risk assessment at each approval point.

DoD Information Technology Standards and Profile Registry (DISR)

DoD Information Technology Standards and Profile Registry (DISR) (Secured) Online repository for a minimal set of primarily commercial IT standards. The DISR can be used to populate the Standards models (StdV-1 and StdV-2) of the Architecture. Conversely, the Standards Models can identify additional or new standards that need to be added to DISR.

   DoDAF Viewpoint Matrix
AV 1 2                      
CV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7            
DIV 1 2 3                    
OV 1 2 3 4 5a 5b 6a 6b 6c        
PV 1 2 3                    
SvcV 1 2 3a 3b 4 5 6 7 8 9 10a 10b 10c
StdV 1 2                      
SV 1 2 3 4 5a 5b 6 7 8 9 10a 10b 10c


  • The DoDAF descriptions in this website are very generic and are mostly taken from the DoDAF Architecture Framework website. Make sure you visit the actual website for the most update information and a more thorough explanation of each viewpoint.
  • DoDAF Version 1.0, although outdated, has some good examples on how to construct AV’s, OV’s, and SV’s.

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