Acquisition Process

Production & Deployment (PD) Phase

PD Acquisition System

The Production and Deployment (PD) Phase is where a system that satisfies an operational capability is produced and deployed to an end-user.  The phase has two major efforts; (1) Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) and (2) Full-Rate Production and Deployment (FRP&D).  The phase begins after a successful Milestone C review and Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) Phase.

The activities during the Production and Deployment (PD) Phase include:

The Technical Reviews conducted during the Production and Deployment (PD) Phase are:


  • In this phase, the test and evaluation processes frequently reveal issues that require improvements or redesign. As the testing environment more closely approaches that of the users’ needs, the required improvements might be complex and/or subtle.
  • The initial manufacturing process may also reveal issues that were not anticipated. It may be discovered that changing the product somewhat may provide enhancements in the manufacturing or other supporting processes

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