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Phase 4: Contract Award

Phase 4 of the contracting process is Contract Award. This is where a contract is officially awarded to a contractor. Most of the responsibility in this phase lies with the Program Contracting Officer (PCO) and Contracts Officer’s Representative (COR). It is important that the Program Management Office (PMO) and Program Manager (PM) understand all of the components of a contract award so that it can continue to work toward a realistic schedule following the conclusion of Phase 3: Evaluation Phase.

Contract Award Procedures

The contracting processes and procedures addressed during the award phase are:

  1. Pre-Award Notification to Unsuccessful Offeror’s: Prior to awarding the contract, the PCO will promptly notify the unsuccessful offeror’s in writing when their proposals are no longer within the competitive range or otherwise eliminated from the competition. There is no set format for the notice, but it must state the basis for the determination and that a proposal revision will not be accepted.  (FAR 15.503)
  2. Award Announcements: The award announcement and synopses must be made on and any other area that the organization uses.  A synopsis is a publication of contract actions exceeding $25,000. The purpose is to increase competition, broaden industry participation in meeting Government requirements, and assist small business concerns (including veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, HUBZone, small disadvantaged, and women-owned) in winning contracts and subcontracts.
  3. Awarding a Contract: After final evaluations have been completed and the business clearance has been approved, the contract may now be awarded to the successful offeror. The PCO will notify the successful offeror by furnishing the executed contract or other notice of the award to that offeror. (FAR 15.504)
  4. Post-Award Debriefings: A post-award debriefing is held after the contract award.
    • Note: The 10-day protest clock does not begin until the day the offeror is debriefed.
  5. Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR): The Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) will assign a Contracting Officers Representative (COR) to assist them in technical monitoring and administration of a contract.
  6. Contract/Modification Distribution: Per FAR Subpart 4.2 and DFARS PGI 204.2, the PCO or COR is responsible for distributing copies of contracts or contract modifications within 10 working days.
  7. Contracting Action Report: To keep senior contracting officials apprised of procurement activities, Federal mandate requires the collection of contract data through a central repository called the Federal Procurement Data System.
  8. Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS): Formal past performance collection is facilitated through the CPARS, which is DoD’s mandatory system for collecting contract data over certain thresholds. See Contractor Performance Reports (CPR)

Contracting Process

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