Templates are guides that help acquisition personnel develop complete documentation that addresses the required areas. Most templates are derived from the requesting organization and should be used to facilitate quicker approval. Using templates saves valuable time in developing program documentation. Below is a list of the main templates that are used in defense acquisitions. The DoD is constantly updating its templates so please check their website for any updates.

Topic Name
Acquisitions Acquisition Program Baseline (APB)
AF Section 2366a
AF Section 2366b
Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) – MS A
Acquisition Strategy
Space Acquisition Strategy
NAVAIR Acquisition Plan
Streamlined Acquisition Plan
Individual Acquisition Plan
DoD Template for Application of TLCSM and PBL
Recommended outline for the AoA Study Plan
Contract Contract Maintainability Requirement
Justification & Approval (J&A) Template – 13 Sept 2017
Program Office Estimate (POE)
EVMS Advance Agreement
Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD)
OSD(AT&L) Should Cost Targets & Progress DAB
Information Information Support Plan (ISP)
JCIDS Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
Logistics Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP)
Life-Cycle Signature Support Plan (LSSP)
GTA Project Charter
Project Charter Template
Team Charter
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
Project Work Statement
Proposal Evaluation Plan
Source Selection Plan Template – Jan 2014
Source Selection Plan (SSP)
Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet
Project Plan (Microsoft Project)
Project Plan (Microsoft Excel)
Programmatic Environmental, Safety and Occupational Evaluation (PESHE) PESHE Template
Quality Quality Management Plan
Quality Assurance Plan
Risk Management Plan
Project Risk Management Plan
Requirements Capability Development Document (CDD)
Operational Requirements Document
System Requirements Document (SRD)
Requirements Roadmap Worksheet
Security Program Protection Plan (PPP)
Program Protection Plan Outline and Guidance-v1-July 2011
Software Software Development Plan Template
Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) (Old)
System Engineering Plan (SEP) Outline Version 3.0 – 12 May 2017
Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA)
Technology Development Strategy (TDS)
Test &
Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP)
Test and Evaluation Master Plan TEMP Template v3.0
DAG Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP)

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Updated: 2/27/2020