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 (8/6/20) New: DoD Instruction 5000.85 Major Capability Acquisition (View)

 (5/20/20) Report: Alternative Acquisition System for the US Space Force (View) 

 (1/23/20) Update: DoD Instruction 5000.02 (View)

 (12/30/19) New: DoD Instruction 5000.80 Middle Tier Acquisitions (View)

 (11/20/19) News: FEDBIZOPPS has been replaced by Beta.SAMS.GOV 

 (3/20/19) Memo: USD Middle Tier Acquisitions Interim Guidance (View)

 (12/3/18) New: Other Transaction Authority Guide (OTA) (View)

 (10/25/18) New: CJCS Instruction 5123.01 JCIDS Instruction (View)

 (8/9/18) Report: Space Force Organizational & Management Structure (View)

 (7/3/18) Section 809 Acquisition Reform Panel Reports (View)

 (6/13/18) Air Force Guidance Memo on Rapid Acquisitions (View)

 (5/23/18) New: Middle Tier Acquisition (Section 804) (View)

 (5/09/18) Update: Air Force Clinger-Cohen Act Guide (View)

 (4/16/18) Memo: SAF/AQ 7 Steps for Incorporating Rapid Prototyping (View)

 (4/11/18) Guide: OSD Best Practices Using Engineering Standards (View)

 (3/19/18) Report: 2017 AF Annual Space Acquisition Report (View)

 (3/13/18) Memo: SAF/AQ Greetings to the Acquisition Workforce (View)

 (3/6/18) New: Defense Acquisition Life Cycle Wall Chart (View)

 (1/30/18) New: 2018 National Defense Strategy (View)

 (1/1/18) Report: Streamlining DoD Acquisition Report (View)

 (12/5/17) Report: Multiyear Procurement and Block Buy (View)

 (11/2017) New DD Form 254 “Contract Security Classification Spec” (View)

 (11/20/17) New Template: Justification & Approval (J&A) (View)