Risk & Safety Management

Risk Integrated Product Team

The Risk Integrated Product Team (IPT) is a working-level IPT in charge of managing and implementing the Risk Management Process for a program. The team should include stakeholders, system engineers, risk professionals, Subject Matter Experts (SME), and anyone else who could help in the risk process. The Risk IPT should report to the Program Manager (PM) and the Risk Management Board (RMB).

Tasks that should be accomplished by the Risk IPT include: [1]

  • Document and implement the Risk Management Plan (RMP)
  • Support the program Risk Management Board as required.
  • Assess (identify and analyze) risks and their root causes using documented risk assessment criteria. An ongoing/continual risk assessment is highly recommended and is useful during all phases of a program’s life cycle. A tailored program risk assessment should be conducted for each of the applicable technical reviews and for each Milestone Review.
  • Execute Risk Identification Procedures
  • Report risks using the Risk Reporting Matrix documented in the program RMP to report program risks to the PM and user.
  • Recommend appropriate Risk Mitigation strategies for each identified root cause, and estimate funding requirements to implement risk mitigation plans. Be prepared to provide required risk mitigation support.
  • Implement and obtain user acceptance of risk mitigation in accordance with program guidance from the RMB per the program RMP.

Support Activities include: [1]

  • Provide the people, processes, and training to support program risk management activities.
  • Designate SMEs and make them available to assist with risk assessments.

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Updated: 6/19/2018

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