Requirements Development

Requirements Document Sequence

Requirements Document Sequence

Figure: JCIDS Requirements Sequencing

1. The Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) is the most common starting point for new capability requirements. [1]

2. Joint DOTMLPF Change Recommendation (DCR) may be generated from an ICD in two different ways: [1]

  • A Joint DCR may be generated from a validated ICD as a nonmaterial solution to a previously validated capability requirement and associated capability gap or as a complement to a materiel capability solution which will be developed through the acquisition process.
  • A Joint DCR may be generated without an associated ICD if non-materiel approaches appear to be the most viable solution for identified capability requirements. See ICD or CDD Waiver Request

3. Combining and splitting document sequences [1]

  • One ICD may lead to the creation of multiple CDDs and/or Joint DCRs.  Each document contributes to satisfying only portions of the capability requirements identified in the ICD.
  • Two or more ICDs may lead to the creation of a single CDD where the capability solution to be developed satisfies more than one capability requirement.

4. Related document increments [1]

  • An ICD may lead to the creation of multiple CDDs for a System of Systems (SoS) or Family of Systems (FoS) approach.
    • A single CDD may address a SoS, where a set of systems are integrated to deliver a unique capability solution.
    • Separate CDDs are required for each system in a FoS where similar capabilities are provided through different approaches to achieve similar or complementary effects.
  • A CDD may lead to the creation of one or more CPDs which is typical for incremental development efforts.

5. Urgent/Emergent Documents [1]

  • CDDs and CPDs are not required for solutions to Urgent Operational Needs (UON)
  • Following the fielding of solutions to UONs, the requirement Sponsor completes an assessment of operational utility to provide essential feedback for continuing rapid acquisition efforts and/or to identify the need for long term sustainment.
  • For capability solutions transitioning to the deliberate acquisition process, the UON serves as part of the source material for the Sponsor to generate the CDD or CPD

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