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Request for Technical Proposal (RTP)

A Request for Technical Proposal (RTP) is a solicitation document used in a two-step sealed bid. Normally in letter form, it asks only for technical information; price and cost breakdowns are forbidden.

Website: FAR Subpart 14.5 – Two-Step Sealed Bidding

FAR Subpart 2014.503-1 Step one

A RTP shall be synopsized in accordance with FAR Part 5. The request must include, as a minimum, the following:

  1. A description of the supplies or services required.
  2. A statement of intent to use the two-step method.
  3. The requirements of the technical proposal.
  4. The evaluation criteria, to include all factors and any significant subfactors.
  5. A statement that the technical proposals shall not include prices or pricing information.
  6. The date, or date and hour, by which the proposal must be received (see 14.201-6(r)).
  7. A statement that:
    • In the second step, only bids based upon technical proposals determined to be acceptable, either initially or as a result of discussions, will be considered for awards, and
    • Each bid in the second step must be based on the bidder’s own technical proposals.
  8. A statement that:
    • Offerors should submit proposals that are acceptable without additional explanation or information,
    • The Government may make a final determination regarding a proposal’s acceptability solely on the basis of the proposal as submitted; and
    • The Government may proceed with the second step without requesting further information from any offeror; however, the Government may request additional information from offeror’s of proposals that it considers reasonably susceptible of being made acceptable, and may discuss proposals with their offeror’s.
  9. A statement that a notice of unacceptability will be forwarded to the offeror upon completion of the proposal evaluation and final determination of unacceptability.
  10. A statement either that only one technical proposal may be submitted by each offeror or that multiple technical proposals may be submitted. When specifications permit different technical approaches, it is generally in the Government’s interest to authorize multiple proposals. If multiple proposals are authorized, see 14.201-6(s).

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