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In-Service Review

The In-Service Review (ISR) is an assessment of a system to determine if it’s operationally employed with well-understood and Managed Risks. It assesses the current status, operational health and corrective actions to satisfy user operational needs based on user feedback and performance metrics. The reviews should be conducted at defined intervals to identify needed revisions and corrections and to allow for timely improvements in the strategies to meet performance requirements. The ISR should provide the following:

  1. An overall System Hazard Risk Assessment,
  2. An Operational Readiness Assessment in terms of system problems (hardware, software, and production discrepancies), and
  3. Status of current system problem (discrepancy) report inflow, resolution rate, trends, and updated metrics. The metrics may be used to prioritize budget requirements.

The Program Manager (PM) should conduct regularly scheduled ISR with the users.  Included in the review should be engineering, sustainment stakeholders (e.g., suppliers, representatives from primary supply chain providers, and the comptroller communities) and product support Integrated Product Team (IPT) members, as well as independent sustainment subject matter experts.

A successful ISR should provide the PM and other stakeholders with the integrated information they need to establish priorities and to develop execution and out year budget requirements. Typical success outcomes include the following:

  • System problems have been categorized to support the operating and support requirements determination process.
  • Required budgets (in terms of work years) have been established to address all system problems in all priority categories.
  • Current levels of System Operational Risk and System Readiness have been quantified and related to current operations and systems and procurement budgets.
  • Future levels of System Operational Risk and System Readiness have been quantified and related to future year operations and systems and procurement budgets.


  • An ISR used to be known as a Post IOC Review

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Updated: 8/16/2017

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