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Forward Pricing Rate Proposal (FPRP)

A Forward Pricing Rate Proposal (FPRP) is submitted by a contractor to the government for their certification of their cost and labor rates over a period of time. The Government has a responsibility to perform appropriate reviews of contractor cost proposals to establish well-supported negotiation positions and to negotiate effectively to ensure that contract prices are fair and reasonable. This leads up to a Forward Pricing Rate Agreement (FPRA).

Contractors that submit cost or price proposals generally must do so in a format that is consistent with Table 15-2 of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.408 and the checklist in DFARS at 215.403-5.

Checklist: DFARS Subpart 215.4 – Contract Pricing

A Forward Pricing Rate Agreement (FPRA) is an agreement between a contractor and a government agency in which certain indirect rates are established for a specified period of time. These rates are estimates of costs and are used to price contracts and contract modifications. The use of a FPRA can speed up the contracting process by eliminating the need to audit or analyze the rates. The Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) is responsible for monitoring the contractor’s rates. Any questions concerning the rates should be directed to the ACO. Once a FPRA has been reached, any subsequent proposal should include a copy of the agreement. The establishment of a FPRA is covered under the special cost and pricing areas of FAR 15.407-3 and Subpart 42.17.

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Updated: 6/13/2018

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