Risk & Safety Management

Element 1: Document the System Safety Process


Element 1 “Document the system safety approach” is where the Program Manager (PM) and contractor document the system safety approach for managing hazards as an integral part of the Systems Engineering Process.


MIL-STD-882E “Standard Practice for System Safety” – Page 10


The approach should describe the risk management effort and how the Program Management Office (PMO) is integrating risk management into the SE process, the Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) process, and the overall program management structure. It should also identify and document the prescribed and derived requirements applicable to the system while defining how hazards and associated risks are formally accepted by the appropriate risk acceptance authority.  This should be accomplished in accordance with DoD Instruction 5000.02 “Operation of the Defense Acquisition System”.


Documenting hazards with a closed-loop Hazard Tracking System (HTS)
The HTS should include the following data elements:

  • Identified hazards
  • Associated mishaps
  • Risk assessments (initial, target, event(s))
  • Identified risk mitigation measures
  • Selected mitigation measures
  • Hazard status
  • Verification of risk reductions
  • Risk acceptances


Both the contractor and Government shall have access to the HTS with appropriate controls on data management. The Government shall receive and retain “government purpose rights” of all the data recorded in the HTS and any other items (i.e., studies, analyses, test data, notes or similar data) generated in the performance of the contract with respect to the HTS.

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