Technology Development

Advanced Technology Development

An Advanced Technology Development (ATD) is a Budget Activity (BA) 3 within a Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) appropriation account. ATD includes the development of subsystems and components and efforts to integrate subsystems and components into system prototypes for field experiments and/or tests in a simulated environment. ATD also includes Concept and Technology Demonstrations (CTD) of components and subsystems or system models. The models may be Form, Fit, and Function (F3) prototypes or scaled models that serve the same demonstration purpose. Projects typically have direct relevance to identified military needs. The results of these types of efforts are proof of technological feasibility and assessment of subsystem and component operability and producibility rather than the development of hardware for Service use. Program Elements (PE) funded under this BA typically involve pre-Milestone B efforts such as system concept demonstrations, joint and Service-specific experiments, or technology demonstrations. ATDs are funded with ATD funds. [1]

Below are the Budget Activity (BA) for RDT&E Accounts:

01 – Basic Research
02 – Applied Research
03 – Advanced Technology Development
04 – Advanced Component Development and Prototypes
05 – System Development and Demonstration
06 – RDT&E Management Support
07 – Operational System Development

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