Technology Development

Operational System Development

Budget Activity 7, Operational System Development. This budget activity includes development efforts to upgrade systems that have been fielded or have received approval for full-rate production and anticipate production funding in the current or subsequent fiscal year. All items are major line item projects that appear as RDT&E Costs of Weapon System Elements in other programs. Program control is exercised by review of individual projects. Programs in this category involve systems that have received Milestone C approval. A logical progression of program phases and development and production funding must be evident in the FYDP, consistent with the Department’s full funding policy.

Below are the Budget Activities (BA)for RDT&E Accounts:

01 – Basic Research
02 – Applied Research
03 – Advanced Technology Development
04 – Advanced Component Development and Prototypes
05 – System Development and Demonstration
06 – RDT&E Management Support
07 – Operational System Development

Updated: 8/2/2021