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Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP)

The Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) describes an acquisition program’s planned Test and Evaluation (T&E) activities over a program’s life-cycle and identifies evaluation criteria for the testers. It serves as an executive summary and provides a framework within which to generate detailed T&E plans and document schedule and resource implications associated with the T&E program. The TEMP identifies and integrates all of the T&E requirements with the program’s Acquisition Strategy and requirements.

Definition: The Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) is a document that describes the overall structure and objectives of the T&E program and articulates the necessary resources to accomplish each phase. It provides a framework within which to generate detailed T&E plans and documents schedule and resource implications associated with the T&E program. The TEMP serves as the overarching document for managing a T&E program. (DAG Chapter 8)

Purpose of the Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP)

The purpose of the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEM) is to be the focal point of the development, review, and approval process for detailed Test & Evaluation plans and activities for a project or program.

Goals of the Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP)

The acquisition process requires a TEMP as one of the primary management strategy documents by the Program Management Office (PMO) to support the decision to start or terminate development efforts. The goals of the TEMP is to:

Developing the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP)

The TEMP detailed the test requirements for the Developmental Test & Evaluation (DT&E), Operational Test Readiness Review (OTRR), and Live-Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) testing activities. It relates program schedule, test management strategy, structure, and required resources to Key Performance Parameters (KPP) and Key System Attributes (KSA), as identified within the Capability Development Document (CDD); Critical Operational Issues (COIs); and Critical Technical Parameters (CTPs). The following is included in the TEMP.

  • Integrate T&E with the overall Acquisition Strategy
  • Reflect on the user’s requirements and describe how these capability needs will be tested in DT&E and OT&E
  • Document the T&E program for the entire life cycle
  • Specify personnel, funding, and test range support requirements
  • Be developed before Milestone B Review and updated before each subsequent Program Decision Review
  • Test phase objectives, including entrance and exit criteria
  • Cybersecurity test objectives
  • Program decisions data requirements
  • Data collection requirements
  • Funding sources for all the test planning and resources
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Verification and validation measures

Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) Templates

Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) Document Integration

The TEMP must provide the Technical Performance Measurements (TPM) required for review, audits, and risk management. Other documents integrated with the TEMP include the:

  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Requirements Allocation Sheets (RASs) and Design constraint Sheets (DCSs)
  • Test Requirements Sheets
  • Specifications

When is the Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) Due

A draft of the TEMP is due for the Development RFP Release Decision and is approved at Milestone B.

Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) Approval Process

The TEMP for an OSD Test and Evaluation (T&E) Oversight program is submitted by the DoD Component to the TEMP approval authorities. The Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E), and the Director, Developmental Test and Evaluation (DDT&E) approve the TEMP for all OSD T&E Oversight List programs. For other programs, the Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) or designated representative approves the TEMP. [1]

Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) Regulatory Requirements

A draft update is due for the Development RFP Release Decision Point and approved at Milestone B. DOT&E will approve the TEMP for DOT&E Oversight programs (10 U.S.C. 2399 (Reference (g))); Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Developmental Test and Evaluation) (DASD (DT&E)) will also approve the TEMP for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP) and Major Automated Information System (MAIS) programs and Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (USD (AT&L)) designated special interest programs (10 U.S.C. 139b, Reference (g)); the DoD Component equivalent will approve the plan for other programs.

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  • Proper testing is critical to achieving the sustainment metrics thresholds and objectives. The Program Manager (PM) should, therefore, ensure the TEMP includes a description of the requirements and test points/methods for each of them as well as any appropriate enabler or logistics consideration. [1]

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