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Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter Checklist

The following checklist from the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) summarizes the requirements for demonstrating compliance with the Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (KPP) and should be useful in preparing for milestone approvals.

Checklist: Net-Ready KPP Compliance

Guidebook: Navy Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter Guidebook – 30 Sept 2011

Required Documents:

Supporting Integrated Architecture Products

  • Have all architecture products been developed in accordance with the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF)?
  • Does the AV-1 describe a net-centric environment? (Note: If this is a non-net-centric environment, i.e., a legacy network, make sure that is noted in the architecture.)
  • Has the TV-1 been prepared using applicable information technology standards profiles contained in the DISR?
  • Have all the interfaces listed in the OV-2 and SV-6 been appropriately labeled with the GIG core enterprise services needed to meet the requirements of the applicable capability integrated architecture?
  • Have specific capability integrated architecture OV-6c time event parameters been correlated with Global Information Grid (GIG) architecture OV-6c?
  • Have verifiable performance measures and associated metrics been developed using the integrated architectures, in particular, the SV-6?

Global Information Grid (GIG) Technical Guidance (GTG) Compliance

  • The Global Information Grid (GIG) Technical Guidance (GTG) has a compliance regime with granularity appropriate to the Milestone Phase or maturity of a program.
  • At Milestone B, Capability Production Documents (CDD) / Information Support Plans (ISPs) will include a preliminary declaration of the functional implementation features and technical capabilities and identify which technical implementation profiles are applicable. Draft TV-1’s and TV- 2’s will also be included.
  • At Milestone C, Capability Production Documents (CDD) / ISPs and post Milestone C Tailored ISPs will include the final declaration of functional implementation and technical features, identify technical implementation profiles, and complete final TV-1s and TV-2s. The completeness and sufficiency of the program’s citing of artifacts drawn from the GTG in determining net readiness will be assessed and certified by Joint Staff J-6 in the ISP. A final declaration of selected emerging or maturing standards not found in the DoD Information Technology Standards Registry with rationales and risks will be included.

Information Assurance (IA)

  • Have applicable IA requirements of DoD 8500 series issuances and Director of Central Intelligence Directives been identified?
  • Is the system level IA design (to include the use of enterprise services) in alignment with the IA component of the Global Information Grid (GIG) integrated architecture?
  • Has the applicable capability (system) received authorization to operate (ATO) from the appropriate Designated Accrediting Authority?


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