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Integrated Master Plan (IMP)

The Integrated Master Plan (IMP) is an event-based, top-level plan consisting of a hierarchy of Program Events.  Each event is decomposed into specific accomplishments and each specific accomplishment is decomposed into specific Criteria.  The IMP is ultimately used to develop a time-based Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) to show a networked, multi-layered schedule showing all the detailed tasks required to accomplish the work effort contained in the IMP. The IMP and IMS related to the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The IMP provides a Program Manager (PM) with a systematic approach to planning, scheduling, and execution.

Definition: The Integrated Master Plan (IMP) is composed of a group of hierarchy program events, in which each program event is supported by  Accomplishment, and Criteria to satisfy a specific program goal.

Guide: DoD Integrated Master Plan and Integrated Master Schedule Preparation and User Guide

The Main Elements of an Integrated Master Plan (IMP)

The three (3) elements of the IMP are:

  1. Event: a program assessment point that occurs at the culmination of significant program activities
  2. Accomplishment: is the desired result(s) prior to or at the completion of an event that indicates a level of the program’s progress
  3. Criteria: provides definitive evidence that a specific accomplishment has been completed

The Goal of the Integrated Master Plan (IMP)

The IMP provides insight to the PM, contractor, and Program Management Office (PMO) which enables them to: [1]

The 5 Steps in Developing the Integrated Master Plan (IMP) [1]

  • Step 1: Determine the IMP structure and organization
  • Step 2: Identify events, accomplishment and criteria
  • Step 3: Prepare the introduction and narrative section
  • Step 4: Complete the numbering system
  • Step 5: Iterate events, accomplishments, and criteria with the Integrated Product Team (IPT) during IMS development

How the Integrated Master Plan (IMP) relates to the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)

The IMP and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) are linked together and show that a program is adequately planned and has the potential to achieve its goals and objectives within a program’s schedule and cost constraints. The IMP and IMS are valuable tools a PM can use in preparing for a Request for Proposal (RFP) and Source Selection.  It can serve as the basis of an offeror’s proposal and evaluation criteria.

The IMP and IMS are Program Management tools for program personnel and stakeholders to provide oversight of acquisition programs. They provide a systematic approach to program planning, scheduling, and execution.

IMP and IMS Relationship

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