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Director of Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses (D-PARC)


The Director of Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses (D-PARCA) conducts and oversees performance assessments and root cause analyses for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP). [1]


Performance Assessments
The D-PARCA is required to conduct assessments and analyses periodically or when requested by senior Department officials. At a minimum, the D-PARCA must also advise acquisition officials on performance issues regarding an MDAP that may arise: [1]

  • Prior to a critical cost breach (aka, Nunn-McCurdy) certification;
  • Prior to entry into full-rate production; or
  • In the course of consideration of any decision to request authorization of a multi-year procurement contract.


In the case of a program that receives a Nunn-McCurdy certification, the D-PARCA must also assess the program not less often than semi-annually, in the year following a new milestone approval.


The D-PARCAs performance assessments evaluate the cost, schedule, and performance of MDAPs, relative to current metrics, including performance requirements, and baseline parameters. These assessments determine the extent to which the level of program cost, schedule, and performance relative to established metrics is likely to result in the timely delivery of a capability to the warfighter.


Root Cause Analyses
The D-PARCS is required to conduct Root Cause Analyses (RCA) for MDAPs to determine the underlying cause or causes for shortcomings in cost, schedule, and performance including the role of unrealistic performance expectations, unrealistic baseline estimates for cost and schedule, immature technologies, unanticipated requirements changes, quantity changes, poor program management, funding instability, or any other matters. The RCAs are used to inform senior Departmental leadership of issues and are included as one-pagers in the Nunn McCurdy certification packages sent to Congress. [1]


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