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Developing DD Form 250

Department of Defense (DD) Form 250 is the Material Inspection and Receiving Report (MIRR) required for most supply and service contracts. You must complete this form with each service submission if your contract includes DFARS Clause 252.246-7000. DFARS Part 246.370 prescribes the inclusion of this clause in solicitations and contracts when there will be separate and distinct deliverables (separately or not separately priced).  Guidance for completion and submission of the DD Form 250 (MIRR) can be found in DFARS Appendix F. Most DD Form 250 are developed and submitted using Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF).

DD Form 250 Requirement

If you have obtained a contractor’s position with the DoD and your contract includes the DFARS Clause 252.246-7000, you must complete and issue a material inspection and receiving report to the government with each delivery. This form documents the inspection, acceptance, receipt, and delivery of the services or product.

DD Form 250 Inspection

You must notify your quality inspector or contract administrator when you can complete the inspection. The government requires that you provide advance notification. This should be at least two workdays for in-state representatives and more than seven workdays for other instances. Failure to provide sufficient notification can result in your failure to ship according to your contractual date or deadlines. Items that require inspection cannot be shipped or delivered without the government’s quality inspection and authorization.

Once you have received your quality inspector’s authorization and signature and have shipped or delivered your item, you may submit the invoice for payment.

Completing DD Form 250

The Material Inspection and Receiving Report must be completed before it is issued to your inspector for review. This form should be completed only by the awarded contractor, not subcontractors.   Enter your Procurement Instrument Identification Number. This is the contract number that was provided to you when you were awarded the contact. Enter your order number, invoice date, and number of pages that are included in this report. Your shipment number and date shipped can only be entered after you have initiated the shipment process.

Website: DFARS Part 4 “Preparation of DD Form 250”

If your contract includes discount terms with the U.S. Government, enter those terms on Line 5. Your prime contractor and administered by code numbers are also provided to you upon being awarded the contract. Enter your shipped from and shipped to locations, as well as the payment, and marked for information. This information should be completed according to your contract agreement.   Complete the list of information that will be shipped. If you are unsure of the appropriate codes to use, contact your contract administrator for assistance. Provide the completed form to your quality inspector. The inspector will review your products and complete Section 21 of the report.

Submitting DD Form 250

For contracts managed by DCMA, you must submit your DD250s to the Contract Management Office (CMO) for processing.  DD 250s may be submitted to the Government in paper format or electronically through Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF).  In either format, it is the responsibility of the contractor to prepare, submit for acceptance (source or destination), and make distribution the DD250.  Errors in completing this form may delay processing by the CMO and could result in a delay in the recording of deliveries and payment of invoices.

Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) Submission DD Form 250

The Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF) DD250 Receiving Report transaction has long since replaced the conventional paper DD250 form for government receipt of Defense goods. Government Quality Assurance Representatives (QAR) now sign off on shipments online in Wide Area Workflow rather than on paper DD250s. Many travelers still use the DD250 form to accompany shipments or document online transactions in WAWF. Because the requirements have changed so dramatically, Mil-Pac developed a specialized variation of the DD250 known as the WA250, designed exclusively for WAWF automation.

What is the difference between DD Form 250 and DD Form 1149?

One of the biggest differences between DD Form 250 and DD Form 1149 is acceptance. The DD Form 250 is the only form that can be used to show that the government has accepted a contractor’s products. The DD Form 1149 only documents transactions and does not authorize transactions.

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