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Wide Area Workflow

Wide Area Workflow-Receipt & Acceptance (WAWF-RA) is a secure web-based system for electronically processing invoices, receipts & acceptance documents being deployed by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

Webpage: Wide Area Workflow – Home Page

The eleven (11) general steps that a vendor must accomplish and follow to use the WAWF (website):

  1. Register with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR)
  2. Establish an Electronic Business (EB) Point of Contact (POC) in CCR
  3. Register for Electronic Document Access (EDA) (not required)
  4. Ensure CAGE Code is added to WAWF Group Structure
  5. Establish an Organizational Email Address
  6. Designate a Group Administrator Manager (GAM)
  7. Determine if batch feeds for data input is necessary
  8. Set up PCs to Access WAWF
  9. Self-Register GAM
  10. Have all users for the CAGE Code(s) self-register on the WAWF website for one of the available vendor roles
  11. Practice using WAWF

In the traditional DoD business method, three documents are required to make a payment – the contract, the receiving report and the invoice. Each of these may arrive at the payment office separately – if they are paper. They are processed individually as they arrive. Information is then manually keyed in to the payment system. Using WAWF, electronic documents are shared, eliminating paper and redundant data entry. Data accuracy is increased and the risk of losing a document is greatly reduced. [1]

The contract is available through a seamless interface with an application called Electronic Document Access (EDA). Contractors have electronic options for submitting invoices and receiving documents. They can submit documents on the Web, through FTP, or through EDI. [1]

WAWF supports DoD’s efforts to reduce unmatched disbursements in the DoD receipt, acceptance, entitlement and payment process through data sharing and electronic processing. The benefits to DoD are global accessibility of documents, reduced need for re-keying, improved data accuracy, real-time processing, and secure transactions with audit capability. For vendors, benefits include the capability to electronically submit invoices, reduction of lost or misplaced documents, and online access to contract payment records. [1]

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Updated: 6/22/2018

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