JCIDS Process

Joint Requirements Prioritization

Joint prioritization of capability requirements addresses statutory responsibilities of the Joint Requirements Oversight Committee (JROC) and the Command of Joint Chief of Staff (CJCS). In addition to satisfying statutory responsibilities, Joint prioritization within Joint Capability Area (JCA) portfolios provides context for decision-makers across the Department. [1]

Each Functional Capabilities Board (FCB) will establish Joint priorities for all capability requirements submitted to their respective FCB portfolios in Initial Capabilities Document (ICD), Joint Emergent Operational Needs (JEON), Joint Urgent Operation Needs (JUON), or DOD Component Urgent Operation Needs (UON). [1]

  1. Successor documents: Capability Development Document (CDD), Capability Production Document (CPD), and Joint DOTMLPF Change Recommendations (DCR) – typically address capability requirements already established in ICDs, and thus do not require additional priorities and will be traceable to the capability requirements and priorities from predecessor documents. In cases where CDDs, CPDs, or Joint DCRs are submitted without a preceding ICD, Joint priorities will be established for the capability requirements contained within these documents.
  2. FCB efforts to establish Joint priorities are conducted primarily as part of JCIDS document staffing activities to facilitate low workload on the part of the FCBs, and avoid an increase to staffing timelines. Some level of initial effort will be required to establish Joint priorities for previously validated capability requirements in each FCB portfolio.
  3. Priorities determined by the Sponsor of each capability requirement will not be considered during FCB assessments of Joint priorities. Document Sponsors may participate in normal FCB and FCB Working Groups activities to ensure that pertinent information relating to the capability requirements under review may be considered by the FCBs and FCB Working Groups.

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Updated: 7/12/2017

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