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Force Protection Key Performance Parameter

The Force Protection Key Performance Parameter (KPP) is mandatory for all manned systems and is designed to enhance personnel survivability in an asymmetric threat environment. The attributes for the Force Protection KPP are identified in the Capability Development Document (CDD) and Capability Production Document (CPD) and apply to all pre-Milestone C programs.

Manual: JCIDS Manual for the Operation of the JCIDS – Enclosure B, Appendix C1

Force protection attributes are those that contribute to the protection of personnel by preventing or mitigating hostile actions against friendly personnel, military and civilian. This may include the same attributes as those that contribute to survivability, but the emphasis is on protecting the system operator or other personnel rather than protecting the system itself. Attributes that are offensive in nature and primarily intended to defeat enemy forces before they can engage friendly forces are not considered force protection attributes. Attributes that protect against accidents, weather, natural environmental hazards, or disease (except when related to a biological attack) are also not part of force protection. [1]


Document sponsors who determine that the survivability and/or force protection KPPs do not apply will include a rationale in the CDD/CPD explaining why they are not appropriate. The JROC must concur in this recommendation for Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) Interest documents. [1]

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Updated:  7/12/2017

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