The Development RFP Release Decision is the point in a program at which planning for development is complete and a decision can be made to release an Request for Proposal (RFP) for development to industry. It’s the point at which plans for the program must be most carefully reviewed to ensure all risks are understood and under control, the program plan is sound, and that the program will be affordable and executable. [1]

This decision point authorizes the release of RFPs for Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) and often for Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) or Limited Deployment options. [1]

Acquisition System

The purpose of the Development RFP Release Decision Point is to ensure, prior to the release of the solicitation for EMD, that an executable and affordable program has been planned using a sound business and technical approach. One goal at this point is to avoid any major program delays at Milestone B, when source selection is already complete and award is imminent. Therefore, prior to release of final RFPs, there needs to be confidence that the program requirements to be bid against are firm and clearly stated; the risk of committing to development and presumably production has been or will be adequately reduced prior to contract award and/or option exercise; the program structure, content, schedule, and funding are executable; and the business approach and incentives are structured to both provide maximum value to the government and treat industry fairly and reasonably. [1]

Documents required for the Development RFP Release Decision Point will be submitted no later than 45 calendar days prior to the review. These documents may have to be updated for final approval by the appropriate authority prior. [1]

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Updated: 7/11/2017

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