GAO Reports

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Reports
The GAO Reports listed below are a collection of the most frequently reviewed regarding DoD acquisition. For a more detailed list visit the GAO website from the link below:

GAO Website: GAO Reports & Testimony

Number Title Date
18-217 Defense Acquisition Workforce: Opportunities Exist to Improve Practices for Developing Program Managers Feb 18
 17-332 Defense Acquisition Workforce: DOD Has Opportunities to Further Enhance Use and Management of Development Fund Mar 17
17-683 Foreign Military Sales: Expanding Use of Tools to Sufficiently Define Requirements Could Enable More Timely Acquisitions Aug 17
 17-575 Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier: Follow-On Ships Need More Frequent and Accurate Cost Estimates to Avoid Pitfalls of Lead Ship June 17
 17-619T Defense Space Acquisitions: DoD Continues to Face Challenges of Delayed Delivery of Critical Space Capabilities and Fragmented Leadership May 17
17-77 Weapon System Requirements: Detailed Systems Engineering Prior to Product Development Positions Programs for Success Nov 16
 16-592R Defense Space Acquisitions: Too Early to Determine If Recent Changes Will Resolve Persistent Fragmentation in Management and Oversight July 16
 15-657 GPS: Actions Needed to Address Ground System Development Problems and User Equipment Production Readiness Sep 15
 15-469 Acquisition Process: Military Service Chiefs’ Concerns Reflect Need to Better Define Requirements before Programs Start Jun 15
 15-466 Weapon Systems Acquisitions: Opportunities Exist to Improve the Department of Defense’s Portfolio Management Aug 15
15-459 Defense Satellite Communications: DOD Needs Additional Information to Improve Procurements July 15
15-423  Defense: Acquisition Rulemaking Practices Apr 15
 15-366 Defense Acquisitions: Space Based Infrared System Could Benefit from Technology Insertion Planning Apr 15
 15-342 Defense Acquisitions: Assessment of Selected Weapons Systems Mar 15
15-188  Defense Acquisitions: Better Approach Needed to Account for Number, Cost, and Performance of Non-Major Programs Mar 15
 15-192 Acquisition Reform: DoD Should Streamline Its Decision-Making Process for Weapon Systems to Reduce Inefficiencies Feb 15
15-88 Defense Contractors: Additional Actions Needed to Facilitate the Use of DOD’s Inventory of Contracted Services Nov 14
15-7 Space Acquisitions: Additional Knowledge Would Better Support Decisions about Disaggregating Large Satellites Oct 14
11-380R Defense Acquisitions: Application of Lessons Learned and Best Practices in the Presidential Helicopter Program Mar 11
10-706T Defense Acquisitions: Observations on Weapon Program Performance and Acquisition Reform May 10
12-357 Defense Acquisitions: Further Action Needed to Improve Accountability for DoD Inventory Contracted Services Apr 12
11-21 Space Acquisitions: Challenges in Commercializing Technologies Developed under the Small Business Innovation Research Program Nov 10
09-684 Space Acquisitions: Government and Industry Partners Face Challenges in Developing New Space Systems Apr 09
07-730T Space Acquisitions: Actions Needed to Expand and Sustain Use of Best Practices Apr 07
07-96 Space Acquisitions: DoD Needs to Take More Action to Address Unrealistic Initial Cost Estimates of Space Systems Nov 06
08-552T Space Acquisitions: Major Space Programs Still at Risk for Cost and Schedule Increases Mar 08
09-921 Contract Management: Extent of Federal Spending under Cost-Reimbursement Contracts Unclear and Key Controls Not Always Used Sept 09
09-543T Defense Acquisitions: Measuring the Value of DoD Weapons Programs Requires Starting with a Realistic Estimate Apr 09
03-1073 Defense Acquisitions: Improvements Needed in Space Systems Acquisition Management Policy Sep 03
04-514 Future Years Defense Program: Actions Needed to Improve Transparency of DOD’s Projected Resource Needs May 04
01-33 Future Years Defense Program: Risks in Operation and Maintenance and Procurement Programs Oct 00
96-162 Best Practices: Commercial Quality Assurance Practices Offer Improvement for DoD Aug 96
08-294 Best Practices: Increased Focus on Requirements and Oversight Needed to Improve DOD’s Acquisition Environment and Weapon System Quality Feb 08
96-162 Best Practices: Commercial Qulaity Assurance Practices Offer Improvement for DoD Aug 96
12-120G Best Practices: Schedule Assessment Guide – Best Practices for Project Schedul May