Reports & White Papers
Subject Title Date

USAF Alternative Acquisition System for the US Space Force May 20
Organizational and Management Structure for the National Space Component of the DoD Apr 19
OMB M-19-13 “Making Smarter Use if Common Contract Solutions and Practices” Mar 19
2017 AF Annual Space Acquisition Report Mar 18
Section 809 “Advisory Panel for Streamlining Acquisition Regulations” Volume 3 Jan 19
Section 809 “Advisory Panel for Streamlining Acquisition Regulations” Volume 2 Jan 18
Section 809 “Advisory Panel for Streamlining Acquisition Regulations” Volume 1 Jan 18
Defense Acquisitions Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs  2015
Expanding Operating and Support Cost Analysis for Major Programs During the DoD Acquisition Process – RAND Report 2018
Report of the Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulation Sec809 Vol Jan 18
Multiyear Procurement and Block Buy Contracting  Dec 17
Acquisition Program Teamwork and Performance Seen Anew Exposing the Interplay of Architecture and Behaviors in Complex Defense Programs  Apr 16
Portfolio Acquisition  May 15
The Cost of Commonality: Examination of the JLTV as a Case Study  Jul 16
The State of Defense Acquisition 2015  2015
2015 Performance of Defense Acquisition System  Sep 15
Three Big Ideas for Reforming Acquisition Evidence-Based Propositions for Transformation Apr 15
Weapon Acquisition Program Outcomes and Efforts to Reform DOD’s Acquisition Process 2016
Complex System Governance for Acquisition Apr 16
Defense Acquisitions: How DoD Acquires Weapons Systems and Recent Efforts to Reform the Process Jan 13
Acquisition in a World of Joint Capabilities Methods for Understanding Cross-Organizational Network Performance Apr 16
Reforming Acquisition This Time Must Be Different  Apr 15
Block modeling and the Estimation of Evolutionary Architectural Growth in Defense Programs  Apr 15
Measuring the Success of Acquisition Reform by Major DoD Components
Further Evidence on the Effect of Acquisition Policy and Process on Cost Growth Apr 16
Issues With Access to Acquisition Data & Information in the Department of Defense Policy & Practice Apr 16
Issues With Access to Acquisition Data and Information in the Department of Defense Doing Data Right in Weapon System Acquisition Apr 16
Toward Realistic Acquisition Schedule Estimates  Apr 16
An Assessment of Early Competitive Prototyping for Defense Programs Apr 16
Acquisition Cycle Time: Defining the Problem Apr 16
Volume I: Acquisition Research: Creating Synergy for Informed Change  Apr 16
Volume II: Acquisition Research: Creating Synergy for Informed Change (Large File)  Apr 16
The Cybersecurity Challenge in Acquisition  Apr 16
Speed and Agility How Defense Acquisition Can Enable Innovation Apr 16
Defense Acquisition Transformation Report to Congress, Fiscal Year 2007  Jul 07
DBB Linking and Streamlining the Defense Requirements, Acquisition, and Budget Process, 2012  2012
AFSPC Resiliency and Disaggregated Space Architectures
NPS Proceedings of the 14th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium Apr 17
Getting Defense Acquisitions RIGHT by Frank Kendal
Defense Acquisition Workforce Report to Congress – 2016  2016
Controlling Costs: The 6-3-5 Method  Apr 16
DSB Management Oversight in Acquisition Organizations Mar 05
Big Data Analysis of Contractor Performance Information for Services Acquisition in DoD A Proof of Concept  Apr 16
Contract Management Acquiring Technical Data With Renewable Real Options Apr 16
A CORs Guide to Statement of Work Jan 11
Multiyear Procurement and Block Buy Contracting Oct 18
Multiyear Procurement and Block Buy Contracting Dec 17
NPS Contract Source Selection Analysis of LPTA and Trade off Strategies Apr 16
Program Management Collaboration Practices An Analysis Within an Army Acquisition Program Office Mar 14
Federal Research and Development Contract Trends and the Supporting Industrial Base, 2000-2014  2014
DoD Roles and Responsibilities of Program Managers for Government Property
Program Affordability Tradeoffs  Apr 16
Facilitating Decision Making, Re-use and Collaboration A Knowledge Management Approach to Acquisition Program Self-awareness  Jun 09
Understanding Complexity and Self-Organization in a Defense Program Management Organization (Experimental Design)  Mar 16
Alternative Systems Review
The Optimal Program Structure Aug 12
Systems Engineering Systems Security Engineering: A Critical Discipline of Systems Engineering, INCOSE Oct 09
Content Analysis in Systems Engineering Acquisition Activities May 16
Rethinking the Systems Engineering Process in Light of Design Thinking Apr 16
  Other Reports
Architecting Blockmodeling and the Estimation of Evolutionary Architectural Growth in Major Defense Acquisition Programs
Software Improving Security in Software Acquisition and Runtime Integration With Data Retention Specifications
DSB Design and Acquisition of SW for Defense Feb 18
Better Buying Power Consequences of Better Buying Power Affordability Initiative
Cost Overruns Cost Overrun Optimism: Fact or Fiction
OSS&E Using Measurement to Assure Operational Safety, Suitability, and Effectiveness (OSS&E) Compliance for the C2 Product Line
Performance-Based Agreements Performance Agreements as a Critical Component of Performance Based Logistics
Requirements Development Requirements Development, Verification, and Validation Exhibited in Famous Failures by A. Terry Bahill and Steven J. Henderson
Modeling & Simulation JHU APL Best Practices for the Development of M&A, June 10
Introduction to Modeling and Simulation by Anu Maria
Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
Technology Development FAR 31.205-18, R&D and B&P Cost by Karen L. Manos
Total Quality Management Using Total Quality Management to Improve Quality, Cost and Productivity by Bill Motley
Earned Value Management Delteck EVM Best Practices White Paper
DAU Liquidating “Progress Payments Based on Cost”
Marie L. Garcia, Olin H. Bray (1997) “Fundamentals of Technology Road mapping” Sandia National Labs
Industrial Base Sustaining the U.S. Defense Industrial Base as a Strategic Asset