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My name is LTC Dan Ward and I serve in the US Air Force. In 2004, I coined the term FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) to describe a particular pattern of decision making that supports rapid, low-cost innovation.  Since that time, I have published extensively on the topic.  Below is a list of some of the best FIST-related articles, papers and blog posts I have written over the years. I hope you find them informative and provide you insight into the complexities of acquisition reform.

Article Highlight

WardChangingAcqArticle of the Month: Changing Acquisition Culture: What and How?

Article Introduction:  This paper examines both the what and the how of culture change. Specifically, it presents a roadmap to help the Pentagon establish a specific acquisition culture that values, pursues and rewards four related attributes: speed, thrift, simplicity and restraint. These attributes are collectively part of a framework known as FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny).