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Technology Assessment & Control Plan

The Technology Assessment/Control Plan (TA/CP) is prepared by the Program Manager (PM) when there will be foreign involvement on a program. It’s prepared after completing the identification of Critical Program Information (CPI) and the Security Classification Guide (SCG). The TA/CP does the following: [1]

  • Assess the feasibility of U.S. participation in joint programs from a foreign disclosure and technical security perspective.
  • Prepare guidance for negotiating the transfer of classified information and critical technologies involved in international agreements.
  • Identify security arrangements for international programs.
  • Provide a basis for the Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter (DDL) that contains specific guidance on proposed disclosures.
  • Support the acquisition decision review process.
  • Support decisions on foreign sales, co-production, or licensed production, commercial sales of the system, or international cooperative agreements involving U.S. technology or processes.
  • Support decisions on the extent and timing of foreign involvement in the program, foreign sales, and access to program information by foreign interests.

The Technology Assessment/Control Plan (TA/CP) is composed of four sections: [1]

  1. Program Concept: This section requires a concise description of the purpose of the acquisition program.
  2. Nature and Scope of Effort and the Objectives: This section briefly explains the operational and technical objectives of the program (e.g., co-production, cooperative research and development) and discusses any foreign participation or involvement.
  3. Technology Assessment: This section analyzes the technology involved in the program, its value, and the consequences of its compromise. It should provide conclusions regarding the need for protective security measures and the advantages and disadvantages of any foreign participation in the program, in whole or in part, and should describe foreign sales.
  4. Control Plan: The fourth section, describe actions that are to be taken to protect U.S. interests when foreign involvement or sales are anticipated. Those actions should be specific and address specific risks, if any, as discussed in the technology assessment. Actions might include withholding certain information, stringent phasing of releases, or development of special security requirements.

Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter (DDL) is a recommendation for foreign involvement, disclosure of the program to foreign interests, request for authority to conclude an international agreement, or a decision to authorize foreign sales. The TA/CP provides the basis for the DDL.

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Updated: 6/21/2018

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