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Simulation Based Acquisition (SBA)


Simulation-Based Acquisition (SBA) is the robust and interactive use of Modeling & Simulation (M&S) throughout the product life cycle. The Program Manager (PM) should employ SBA and M&S during system design, test and evaluation, and modification and upgrade. The PM should collaborate with operational users and consider industry inputs during SBA/M&S program planning. Planning should include the application, support, documentation, and reuse of M&S; and the integration of SBA/M&S across functional disciplines. [1]

The goal of SBA is the sharing of models and data among Industry and the Government and include: [2]


The following considerations are useful during SBA/M&S planning activities: [2]

  • Plan for SBA/M&S and make necessary investments early in the acquisition life cycle.
  • Use verified, validated, and accredited models and simulations, and ensure credible applicability for each proposed use.
  • Use data from system testing during development to validate the use of M&S.
  • Use SBA/M&S to supports efficient test planning, pre-test results prediction, and the validation of system interoperability; and supplement design qualification, actual Test & Evaluation (T&E), manufacturing, and operational support;
  • Involve the Operational Test Agency (OTA) in SBA/M&S planning to support both developmental test and operational test objectives.
  • Have the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) review and validate threat-related elements.


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