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Section D – Packaging and Marking


Section D describes the packaging, preservation, and packing requirements for all Contract Line Item Numbers (CLIN) listed in Section B.


MIL-STD-129P “Marking for Shipment and Storage”, is specified for marking of military packaged items. This standard provides the minimum requirements for uniform military marking and procedures for their application. It is intended for use only for the application of military-specific markings to items intended for transportation and storage within the military distribution system, i.e., for marking of materiel not intended for immediate use, that is stored and/or moved within or between DoD facilities.


ASTM D3951-90, “Commercial Packaging”, along with any unique marking requirements can be specified for the marking of commercially packaged items/materials.  When items are being procured for another service or for Foreign Military Sales (FMS), any unique packaging and marking requirements of the customer service or FMS host country will apply.  Instructions for packaging technical manuals and technical orders may be specified in this section as an attachment.


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Updated: 7/27/2017

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