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Scheduling Guide for Program Managers
Scheduling Guide for Porgram Managers
Scheduling Guide for Program Managers


The Defense System Management College Scheduling Guide for Program Managers, dated Oct 2001, is an introduction to scheduling. It is meant for people who already have some experience in program management and those who seek to learn more about the subject. It is not a detailed treatment of the subject, but instead, explains how scheduling fits into the overall program management effort and how to accomplish schedule planning. The guide also illustrates different scheduling concepts and techniques and how they can be applied and analyzed to manage effectively. Finally, it is intended as a road map to other useful and more comprehensive documents and texts on the subjects of project management, planning, and scheduling that are available in the literature. [1] 


Scheduling Guide Content
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Program Management and the Acquisition Process
Chapter 3: Program Management and Scheduling
Chapter 4: Schedule Types and Their Evolution
Chapter 5: GANTT and Milestone Charts
Chapter 6: Network Scheduling
Chapter 7: Production Scheduling
Chapter 8: Time Management
Chapter 9: Automated Scheduling Tools


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