Requirements Development

Requirements Checklist

The process of developing product requirements is known as requirements development. Creating a thorough checklist to ensure the quality of the criteria you’ve written is an important aspect of the process. Below is a basic checklist that can be used to determine whether a requirement is acceptable, needs to be modified, or eliminated.

Checklist: Requirements Development Checklist

  • Were the requirements documented?
  • Was a requirements walkthrough held to validate the requirements?
  • Was each requirement checked to see that it met all of the following?
    • Necessary [trace to a user need]
    • Concise [minimal]
    • Feasible [attainable]
    • Testable [measurable]
    • Technology Independent [avoid “HOW to” statements unless they are real constraints on the design of the system]
    • Unambiguous [Clear]
    • Complete [function fully defined]
  • Was a verification case for each requirement developed? [test, demonstration, analysis, inspection]
  • Was each user need fully addressed by one or more system requirement(s)?
  • Is the requirement set complete?
  • Have the following types of requirements been defined?
    • Functional
    • Performance
    • Enabling [training, operations & maintenance support, development, testing, production, deployment, disposal]
    • Data
    • Software
    • Interface
    • Environmental
    • Non-functional [reliability, availability, safety, and security].
  • Were attributes [quality factors] assigned to each requirement [Priority, risk, cost, owner, date, and verification method]? Verification methods could include demonstration, analysis, test, and inspection.
  • Were the requirements reviewed and approved by the stakeholders and was a baseline [reference point for future decisions] established?
  • During this process step, were periodic reviews performed? Were the reviews done in accordance with the review plan documented in the System Engineering Plan (SEP)?
  • Was there adequate configuration control of the requirement?
  • Can each requirement be traced to upper level and mission level needs.

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