A Pre-award Survey (FAR 9.106) is an evaluation by a surveying activity of a Prospective Contractor’s Capability to perform under the terms of a proposed contract. It typically requires an on-site visit to the prospective contractor’s facility. Due to the length and expense, pre-award surveys are not typically performed for contracts that are less than the simplified acquisition threshold of $100,000.

Website: FAR 9.106 “Pre-award Survey”

Form: Pre-award Survey Standard Form 1403

When the Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) from the buying activity has insufficient information to determine if a prospective contractor is responsible, he or she completes a request for a Pre-award Survey (PAS). The PCO identifies on the PAS Standard Form 1403:

  • The factors that need to be evaluated in the survey
  • Any personnel from the contracting office who will participate in the survey
  • The complete solicitation package (unless it has previously been furnished), and any information indicating prior unsatisfactory performance by the prospective contractor;
  • The due date for reporting the results of the Pre-award Survey

Missing Factors
The PCO must have sufficient information on all factors. The information requested depends on what is missing. The level of detail requested depends on the complexity and dollar value of the item being procured. The five (5) evaluation factors that may be considered on the SF 1403 are:

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Updated: 6/13/2018

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