Major Reviews

Post-Deployment Review (PDR)

Major Reviews

A Post-Deployment Review (PDR) is used by a Program Manager (PM) to review a system, beginning at Initial Operational Capability (IOC), to verify whether the fielded system continues to meet or exceed thresholds and objectives for cost, performance, and support parameters approved at full-rate production.

DoD policy requires that “The Services shall conduct periodic assessments of system support strategies vis-à-vis actual vs. expected levels of performance and support. These reviews occur nominally every three (3) to five (5) years after IOC or when precipitated by changes in requirements/design or performance problems, and should include, at minimum:

  • Product Support Integrator/Provider performance;
  • Product improvements incorporated; and
  • Configuration control.

PDR continues as operational support plans execute (including transition from organic to contract support and vice versa, if applicable), and should be regularly updated depending on the pace of technology. The program manager should use existing reporting systems and operational feedback to evaluate the fielded system whenever possible.

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Updated: 7/19/2021

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