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Modeling & Simulation Planning

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Planning is a function of the Systems Engineering department focused on Test and Evaluation. Deliberate and disciplined planning, accomplished early and iteratively throughout the program’s lifecycle, is essential for effective use of M&S. A M&S plan should be developed that is integrated into the Acquisition Strategy, Systems Engineering Plan (SEP), Test and Evaluation Strategy (TES) and Test and Evaluation Management Plan (TEMP).

Below is a list of tasks that should be included when planning for an M&S effort. [1]

  • Create a Modeling & Simulation Integrated Product Team (IPT)
  • Identify problem and objectives
  • Identify Roles and Responsibilities
  • Identify high payback process areas
  • Select the synthetic environments
  • Identify potential legacy systems, Service/Joint-standard simulations, architectures and data repositories
  • Identify where user and simulators are/will be located
  • Determine capabilities and architectures of existing simulations
  • Network bandwidth requirements
  • Integrated Digital Environment (IDE) utilization opportunities
  • Interoperability/interface/immersion requirements
  • Required capability cap
  • Design M&S architectures
  • Establish a Simulation and Verification, Validation, and Authentication (SVV&A) planning process
  • Establish long-term plan, budget, document and implement
  • Involve the Operational Test Authority (OTA)

Systems Engineering Approach
Synthetic environments and M&S are themselves systems intended to accomplish particular objectives. It follows that M&S planning represents the initial steps of a disciplined system engineering approach, the elements of which are: [2]

  • M&S requirements analysis
  • Analysis of alternative solutions
  • Selection of best solution
  • Procurement or development of the selected M&S capability
  • Integration, test and evaluation of the M&S capability
  • Application/employment of the modeling and simulation capability

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Updated: 9/9/2017

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