Requirements Development

Joint Service Specification Guides (JSSG)

The Joint Service Specification Guides (JSSG) establish a common framework to be used by Government-Industry Program Teams in the Aviation Sector for developing program unique requirements documents for Air Systems, Air Vehicles, and major Subsystems. Each JSSG contains a compilation of candidate references, generically stated requirements, verification criteria, and associated rationale, guidance, and lessons learned for program team consideration. The JSSGs identify typical requirements for a variety of aviation roles and missions.

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Below is a list of the main JSSGs:

Program teams need to review the JSSG rationale, guidance, and lessons learned to:

  1. Determine which requirements are relevant to their application; and
  2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate, program-specific requirements.

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Note: The JSSGs is for guidance only and can’t be cited as a requirement or placed on contract.


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Updated: 6/14/2018

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