Major Reviews

Initial Technical Review (ITR)

The Initial Technical Review (ITR) is a multi-disciplined technical review to support a program’s initial Program Objective Memorandum (POM) submission in the Materiel Solutions Analysis (MSA) Phase . This review ensures a program’s Technical Baseline is sufficiently rigorous to support a valid cost estimate and enable an independent assessment. The ITR assesses the capability needs and materiel solution approach of a proposed program and verifies that the requisite research, development, test and evaluation, engineering, logistics, and programmatic bases for the program reflect the complete spectrum of technical challenges and risks.

Additionally, the ITR ensures the historical and prospective drivers of system Life-Cycle cost (LCC) have been quantified to the maximum extent and that the range of uncertainty in these parameters has been captured and reflected in the program cost estimates. The basic Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD)  technical and programmatic guidance, tailored to suit the scope and complexity of the program, should be followed to ensure all pertinent design-related cost drivers are addressed.

Completion of the ITR should provide:

  1. A complete Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD) – like document detailing the operational concept, candidate materiel solutions, and, risks,
  2. An assessment of the technical and cost risks of the proposed program, and
  3. An independent assessment of the program’s cost estimate; Independent Cost Estimate (ICE).

Typical ITR success criteria include affirmative answers to the following exit questions:

  1. Does the CARD-like document capture the key program cost drivers, development costs (all aspects of hardware, human integration, and software), production costs, operation and support costs?
  2. Is the CARD-like document complete and thorough?
  3. Are the underlying assumptions used in developing the CARD-like document technically and programmatically sound, executable, and complete?
  4. Have the appropriate technical and programmatic competencies been involved in the CARD-like document development, and have the proper SMEs been involved in its review?
  5. Are the risks known and manageable within the cost estimate?
  6. Is the program, as captured in the CARD-like document, executable?


  • Independent assessment is conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

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