Industry Day is an event held by a Department of Defense (DoD) Program Management Office (PMO) to present the plans for a current or future procurement to representatives from industry.  It is usually held prior to a Request for Proposal (RFP) being released or any major changes in a program. It’s an opportunity for the government to expresses its goals, schedule, and solicit feedback about a procurement. Industry Day can range from a few hours to three days in length. Usually during industry day there is an opportunity for industry to sit down with program office personnel in a private one-on-one session to ask questions and give feedback.


Industry Day is a good opportunity for industry to get a good understanding of what the government needs. It also provides a good method to try and shape any RFP towards your unique offering. Industry Day’s usually announced on FedBizOpps (FBO).


Typical Industry Day Goals:

  • To ensure synergy between the DoD program office and Industry representatives
  • Incorporate Industry comments into the RFP development process
  • Communicate interoperability and open standards
  • Communicate program requirements and schedule
  • Gain a better understanding of recent industry developments
  • Provide updates to Industry on future program developments and acquisitions


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Updated: 7/27/2017

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