Earned Value Management

EVMS Compliance and Validation

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is DoD’s Executive Agent for EVMS. In its role as Executive Agent, DCMA has responsibility for EVMS compliance, validation, and surveillance. [1]

Compliance with Validation (DFARS Subpart 234.2)
An offeror that proposes to use an EVMS previously accepted by the Government may satisfy this requirement by citing the Advance Agreement (AA) or Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and providing a copy of the approved system description.  An offeror not having a previously accepted system should submit a Contractor EVMS Validation Plan to obtain EVM validation (refer to DFARS Clause 252.234-7001 “Notice of Earned Value Management System” for a description of the plan). [2]

Compliance Only (No Validation)  (DFARS Subpart 234.2)
If the offeror proposes to use a non-validated EVM system, the proposal includes a written summary of the EVMS.  The description of the offeror’s EVMS is to be in sufficient detail to show how it complies with the ANSI/EIA-748 and address all guidelines.  DFARS clause 252.242-7001 describes the requirements for this documentation.  This clause also requires a matrix that cross references provisions of the EVM system description to the ANSI/EIA-748 guidelines.  An offeror may elect to keep the system description general and rely on cross-referencing to internal procedures or policy manuals for a discussion of the details.  In this case, the procedures and policy documents are to be referenced in, and considered a part of, the EVMS summary description. [2]

The offeror may elect to use and apply a validated EVM system to meet this requirement and can satisfy this requirement by citing the AA or LOA and providing a copy of the approved system description. [2]

– See DoD EVMS Roles and Responsibility
– See EVMS Requirements

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Updated: 6/15/2018

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