Risk & Safety Management

Element 7: Accept Risk and Document

Element 7 “Accept risk and document”. Before exposing people, equipment, or the environment to known system-related hazards, the risks shall be accepted by the appropriate authority as defined in DoD Instruction 5000.02 “Operation of the Defense Acquisition System”. The system configuration and associated documentation that supports the formal risk acceptance decision shall be provided to the Government for retention through the life of the system. The definitions in Tables I and II, the RACs in Table III (see Element 3 “Assess and document risk”), and the criteria in Table VI for software shall be used to define the risks at the time of the acceptance decision, unless tailored alternative definitions and/or a tailored matrix are formally approved in accordance with DoD Component policy. The user representative shall be part of this process throughout the life-cycle of the system and shall provide formal concurrence before all Serious and High risk acceptance decisions. After fielding, data from mishap reports, user feedback, and experience with similar systems or other sources may reveal new hazards or demonstrate that the risk for a known hazard is higher or lower than previously recognized. In these cases, the revised risk shall be accepted in accordance with DoDI 5000.02.

MIL-STD-882E “Standard Practice for System Safety” – Page 13

NOTE: A single system may require multiple event risk assessments and acceptances throughout its life-cycle. Each risk acceptance decision shall be documented in the Hazard Tracking System (HTS).

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