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Modeling & Simulation CatelogThe DoD Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Catalog is a web-based search capability that provides a “card catalog” level of detail about M&S tools, data and services available to its users.  It’s designed to guide a user quickly to a manageable set of alternatives to evaluate. The tool has the capability to perform analysis of the characteristics of the search result for a set of resources. The M&S Catalog leverages the DoD Net-centric Vision of all resource descriptions and contact information (metadata) being posted in a defined format on the Global Information Grid (GIG). It can load data from multiple file types as long as the format is known and specifies the metadata elements. Coordination between source sites and the M&S Catalog ensure the metadata is only accessible to authorized users. [1]

Website: DoD M&S Catalog

One of the goals of the DoD Net-centric Vision is establishing visibility into the M&S resources across the DoD. In order to manage and employ M&S capabilities effectively senior leaders and managers must have visibility into the DoD’s M&S portfolio. Organizations supported by M&S need visibility into the tools, data and services that meet their requirements. This visibility is established through a discovery process that has at its core a search capability.

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