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DoD Modeling & Simulation Coordination Office

Modeling & Simulation Coordination OfficeThe Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office (M&S CO) is a Department of Defense (DoD) organization that helps with the development, coordination, technical guidance, and standardization of Modeling and Simulation activities. It also ensures that modeling and simulation technology is consistent with other related DoD initiatives and provides administrative and technical support to the DoD M&S Management system.

Website:  DoD M&S Coordination Office (MSCO)

A few of the responsibilities of the M&SCO include:

  • DoD standardization documents in the MSSM area
  • Adoption of non-government standards for DoD use
  • VV&A policy and best practices
  • Comments on standardization documents from other Defense Standardization Program (DSP) areas that affect M&S
  • Responsible for the development, coordination, promulgation and upkeep of NATO M&S Standardization Agreements (STANAGS)
  • Fully participating in on-going NATO/NMSG technical activities that support the DoD Strategic Vision to promote interactions between DoD and international partners
  • Increase reuse of models & simulations and the data used by the models
  • Assist the M&S SC by coordinating M&S activities throughout the DoD
  • Lead and provide oversight for crosscutting M&S programs, projects, and/or initiatives as assigned by the DoD M&S SC
  • Participate in identifying and coordinating common and crosscutting solutions that contribute to M&S interoperability, reuse, and efficiencies
  • Serve as the conduit between the communities and the M&SCO by providing advice and cross-community coordination, feedback, and recommendations

Mission Statement
The M&SCO performs those key corporate-level coordination functions necessary to encourage cooperation, synergism, and cost-effectiveness among the M&S activities of the DoD Components. The M&SCO is the Executive Secretariat for DoD M&S Management in fostering the interoperability, reuse, and affordability of crosscutting M&S to provide improved capabilities for DoD operations.

The M&SCO Website provide information that includes:

  • Policy and Guidance
  • Tools
  • Community of Practice
  • DoD M&S Glossary
  • Knowledge Library
  • JHU APL Best Practices for the Development of M&A, June 10

In 2007 the Defense Modeling & Simulation Office (DMSO) was renamed the Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office (M&SCO).

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