Earned Value Management

DoD Earned Value Management Guide

The DoD Earned Value Management Interpretation Guide (EVMIG) provides guidance to be used during the implementation and surveillance of Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) established in compliance with DoD Guidelines.

Part I of this guide provides guidance for understanding EVMS concepts describes objective guidelines for EVMS, and provides guidance in interpreting those guidelines for use on Government contracts and programs.

Part 2 contains a description of procedures and processes for Government personnel for specifying, evaluating, and implementing EVMS.  Part 2 also contains instructions and tailoring guidance for applying EVMS requirements to contracts, an introduction to analyzing performance, baseline review and maintenance, and other post-award activities. Additional reference material is contained in the appendices.

DoD EVMI Guide Content
PART I:  Earned Value Management Concepts & Guidelines
PART 2: Procedures for Government use of Earned Value
Applying Earned Value Management
Pre-contract Activities
Post-award Activities – System Validation and Maintenance
Post-award Activities – Integrated Baseline Reviews Other Post Award Activities
APPENDIX A: Sample Memorandum of Agreement
APPENDIX B: Sample Statement of Work Paragraphs
APPENDIX C: Sample CDRL forms
APPENDIX D: Advance Agreement
APPENDIX E: Sample award fee criteria
APPENDIX F: Summary of EVM Implementation Actions
APPENDIX G: Essential elements of a business case analysis
APPENDIX H: Glossary of terms


  • The DoD has accepted the ANSI/EIA-748 – American National Standards Institute/Electronic Industries Alliance Standard 748, Earned Value Management Systems as the DoD standard

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Updated: 6/15/2018

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