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Capability Production Document (CPD)

The Capability Production Document (CPD) captures the information necessary to support production, testing, and deployment of an affordable and supportable increment within an acquisition strategy. The CPD identifies, in threshold/objective format, the specific attributes that contribute most significantly to the desired full operational capability of a system. The CPD is prepared during the Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) Phase to guide the Production and Deployment phase after the Critical Design Review (CDR) and is used to measure the contractor’s delivery. The CPD is required for the Milestone C Review and must be certified prior to a program proceeding into the Production and Development (PD) Phase.

JCIDS Process - CPDFigure: CPD in the Acquisition/JCIDS Process

The CPD addresses the production elements specific to a single increment of an Evolutionary Acquisition program.  The refinement of performance attributes and Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) is the most significant difference between the Capability Development Document (CDD) and CPD.  A program with multiple increments will have a CPD for each increment.

The Joint Requirements Oversight Council’s (JROC) objective in approving the CPD is to ensure the system meets the needs originally defined in the Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) at an affordable cost. If the system doesn’t meet all of the threshold levels for the KPPs, the JROC will decide whether or not the system is still operationally acceptable.

JCIDS Manual required CPD Format:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Capability Discussion
  3. Analysis Summary
  4. CONOPS Summary
  5. Threat Summary
  6. Program Summary
  7. System Capabilities Required for the Current Increment
  8. FoS and SoS Synchronization
  9. IT and NSS Supportability
  10. E3 and Spectrum Supportability
  11. Technology Manufacturing Readiness Assessment
  12. Assets Required to Achieve Full Operational Capability (FOC)
  13. Schedule and Initial Operational Capability (IOC) and FOC Definitions
  14. Other DOTMLPF and Policy Considerations
  15. Other System Attributes
  16. Program Affordability

The Capability Development Tracking and Management (CDTM) tool is provided as a means to generate and submit ICDs, CDDs, CPDs, and Joint DCRs to the Knowledge Management/Decision Support (KM/DS) system.

REGULATORY: If there are no changes, a revalidated CDD may satisfy this information requirement. An equivalent DoD Component-validated requirements document will satisfy this requirement for certain information systems; the equivalent documents are finalized after Milestone B, to support deployment. [1]


  • The format for the CPD is found at Appendix A to Enclosure G of Manual for the Operation of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System.
  • The CPD replaced the Operational Requirements Document (ORD) update (that was used for the Production Decision) under the old Requirements Generation System.

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Updated: 8/14/2018

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