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Capability Development Tracking and Management Tool (CDTM)

The Capability Development Tracking and Management Tool (CDTM) is a web-based tool used by authors and reviewers of capabilities documents; Initial Capabilities Document (ICD), Capability Development Document (CDD), System Requirements Document (SRD), and Capability Production Document (CPD). The software presents a series of “wizard” screens that guide the user through capability document creation, step-by-step. CDTM enables customized workflow and access control for documents in work and does not allow users access to the data until the document owner grants permission. At any time, the software will automatically create a formatted Microsoft Word version of the capability document for review purposes. [1]

NIPRNET Website: Capability Development Tracking and Management Tool (CDTM)

When a Sponsor determines a document is ready for review and validation, CDTM automates the transfer of a Microsoft Word version of the document to the Knowledge Management/Decision Support (KM/DS) system for further processing. After document transfer, the document data is exposed to all CDTM users through search functionality.   CDTM is accessed through a web browser using the Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET) or SECRET Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET). [1]

The CDTM addresses are listed below and in Reference E of the JCIDS Manual for the Operation of the JCIDS. [1]



  • The Knowledge Management/Decision Support (KM/DS) Tool is found on the SIPRNET and requires privileges. It is not accessible from non-secure sites.

Updated: 8/14/2018

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