Reports & White Papers
Defense Acquisitions Getting Defense Acquisitions RIGHT by Frank Kendal Book by the Honorable Frank Kendal
Defense Acquisitions Defense Acquisition Workforce Report to Congress – 2016 by Congressional Research Service
Cost Overruns Cost Overrun Optimism: Fact or Fiction  DAU article by Maj David Christensen, USAF
OSS&E Using Measurement to Assure Operational Safety, Suitability, and Effectiveness (OSS&E) Compliance for the C2 Product Line This paper discusses the role measurement must play in the OSS&E assurance process, and offers guidance to develop effective measures.
Performance-Based Agreements Performance Agreements as a Critical Component of Performance Based Logistics This paper discusses the development of Performance-Based Agreements (PBA) by outlining their current intent, contents, and structure.
System Security Engineering Systems Security Engineering: A Critical Discipline of Systems Engineering, INCOSE
Requirements Development Requirements Development, Verification, and Validation Exhibited in Famous Failures by A. Terry Bahill and Steven J. Henderson This paper describes these tasks and then discusses famous systems where these tasks were done correctly and incorrectly. This paper shows examples of the differences between developing requirements, verifying requirements, validating requirements, verifying a system, and validating
a system.
Modeling & Simulation JHU APL Best Practices for the Development of M&A, June 10
Introduction to Modeling and Simulation by Anu Maria
Introduction to Modeling and Simulation A basic introduction to Modeling & Simulation principals.
Technology Development FAR 31.205-18, R&D and B&P Cost by Karen L. Manos
Program Management Alternative Systems Review
The Optimal Program Structure Program structure question answered by Frank Kendall, acting Director of AT&L
Total Quality Management Using Total Quality Management to Improve Quality, Cost and Productivity by Bill Motley
Earned Value Management Delteck EVM Best Practices White Paper The purpose of this white paper is to describe some best practices – gleaned from over thirty years of experience – of an Earned Value Management approach to project management by Delteck.
DAU Liquidating “Progress Payments Based on Cost”
Marie L. Garcia, Olin H. Bray (1997) “Fundamentals of Technology Road mapping” Sandia National Labs The purpose of the white paper is to detail the steps for developing a technology roadmap.
Acquisition Defense Acquisition Transformation Report to Congress, Fiscal Year 2007 A report to congress detailing the status of DoD acquisitions and recommendation on how to improve it.
Acquisitions DBB Linking and Streamlining the Defense Requirements, Acquisition, and Budget Process, 2012 The Defense Business Board just issued a report on reforming Defense Acquisition, Budget, and Requirements processes.
Space Acquisitions AFSPC Resiliency and Disaggregated Space Architectures This paper examines the need to provide resilient and affordable capabilities to preserve our operational advantage in space. The focus is on “disaggregating” space capabilities onto multiple platforms or systems.
Industrial Base Sustaining the U.S. Defense Industrial Base as a Strategic Asset This study provides a diagnosis of the military competitions most likely to dominate military relationships between the United States and prospective adversaries over the next decade or two, and the corresponding Defense Industrial Base competencies where the U.S. military will need to sustain advantage.