Military Handbooks
The Military Handbooks (Mil-Hdbk) listed below are a collection of the most frequently used acquisition Mil-Hdbks. For a complete comprehensive list visit the following websites: and US DoD ASSIST

Note: The DoD is starting to use civilian standards instead of the traditional Mil-Stds/Hdbk as with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Number Title Description Date
Rev A
Program Management: Configuration Management This handbook provides guidance to DoD managers assigned the responsibility for configuration management on how to ensure the application of product and data configuration management to defense materiel items, in each phase of their life cycle. 30 Sept 97
Rev A
Program Management:
Reliability Growth Management
This handbook provides procuring activities and development contractors with an understanding of the concepts and principles of reliability growth, advantages of managing reliability growth, and guidelines and procedures to be used in managing reliability growth. 10 Sep 09
Rev D
Systems Engineering:
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects and Spectrum Supportability Guidance for the Acquisition Process
This handbook provides guidance for establishing and implementing effective electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) control and spectrum supportability (SS) for the design, development, and procurement of Department of Defense (DoD) platforms, systems, subsystems, or equipment. 20 May 05
Rev D
Program Management:
Handbook for the Preparation of Statement of Work
This handbook provides guidance to enable personnel to create a completed contract Statement Of Work (SOW) applicable to any material acquisition life‑cycle phase.  It also covers the SOW preparation for non‑personal services contracts. 3 Apr 96
Rev A
Designing and Developing Maintainable Products and Systems
The handbook provides guidance to maintainability managers and engineers in developing and implementing a sound maintainability program for all types of products.
Maintainability Demonstration
4 Aug 97
502 Logistics:
Acquisition Logistics
This handbook offers guidance on acquisition logistics as an integral part of the systems engineering process. 30 May 97
Rev B
Program Management:
Airworthiness Certification Criteria
This handbook establishes the airworthiness certification criteria to be used in the determination of airworthiness of all manned and unmanned, fixed and rotary wing air vehicle systems. It is a foundational document to be used by the system program manager, chief/lead systems engineer, and contractors to define their air system’s airworthiness certification basis. 5 Feb 04
791 Maintainability:
Maintainability Design Techniques Metric
This handbook provides basic information on the design of equipment so that the equipment can be (a) serviced efficiently and effectively if servicing is required and (b) repaired efficiently and effectively if it should fail. 17 Mar 88
Rev A
Program Management:
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
This handbook offers uniformity in definition and consistency of approach for developing the top levels of the WBS. 3 Jul 05
1785 Systems Engineering:
System Security Engineering Program Management Requirements
A guide that contains procedures for contracting an System Security Engineering (SSE)effort and the System Security Management Plan (SSMP). 1 Aug 95
4151.18-H Logistics:
Depot Maintenance Capacity & Utilization Measurement
This handbook provides updated guidance for a common methodology to measure and provide visibility of the capacity and utilization of DoD organic activities that perform depot-level maintenance of military materiel. 1 Mar 07
5200.1-H Security:
Handbook for Writing Security Classification Guides
The primary purpose of this Handbook is to provide assistance to those who are responsible for the writing of a security classification guide, some discussion of classification and declassification principles is warranted. Nov 99
5205.02-M Security:
DoD Operations Security (OPSEC) Program Manual
It is DoD policy according to establish and maintain OPSEC programs to ensure national security-related missions and functions are protected. This Manual lists baseline requirements.  3 Nov 08
70450.7H Program Management:
Future Years Defense Program (FYDP) Structure Handbook
This Handbook covers the structure of the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP) for all major force programs. April 04
7600.07-M Auditing:
DoD Audit Manual
Assists DoD audit organizations in complying with the auditing standards in Comptroller General of the United States Standards. 13 Feb 09
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