Program Management

Working Groups

A Working Group (WG) is an interdisciplinary collaboration of people working on a project or problem that would be difficult to develop under a traditional organizational structure or funding mechanisms. The lifespan of the WG can last anywhere between a few months to several years and can be a collaboration of a Cross-Functional Team makeup. Such groups have the tendency to develop a quasi-permanent existence once the assigned task is accomplished; hence the need to disband the WG once it has provided solutions to the issues for which it was initially convened. [1]

A few of the common Working Groups within the acquisition process are:

  • Analysis of Alternative
  • Computer Resource
  • Defense IA/Security Accreditation
  • DIA/Joint Information Operations Threat
  • Intelligence Community Metadata
  • Interface Control
  • Logistics Support Management Team (LSMT)
  • Methods and Processes
  • Process Action Team (PAT)
  • Requirements Development
  • Requirements Interface
  • Resource Enhancement Project
  • System Safety
  • System Security
  • Technology Assessment
  • Test & Evaluation

Updated: 7/16/2017

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